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Our comrade Şükrü Serhat, who dedicated his entire life to the struggle for freedom and was most recently active as a member of the Committee of the Families of the Fallen, was murdered in Süleymaniye by members of the Turkish intelligence service MIT. We remember our fallen comrade with gratitude and respect and promise that all those who ordered and carried out this murder will be punished.

A Kurdish patriot who lives in South Kurdistan because of the fascist oppression in Turkey was also attacked and seriously injured in Süleymaniye a few days ago. There is also talk that a former Peshmerga fighter who had taken a clear stance against the occupation was assassinated by the MIT. All this makes it clear that the MIT is highly organized in South Kurdistan and capable of carrying out such attacks in the future.

All these attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Movement and Kurdish patriots are aimed at committing a genocide against the Kurds. The attack on comrade Şükrü has also been carried out as a part of this policy. These assassinations are happening for the same reason that tyranny and oppression prevail in North Kurdistan, occupation and massacres are part of everyday life in Rojava, and attacks on Sinjar and Maxmur take place regularly.

All these attacks by the Turkish state are characterized by a level of violence and intensity that is unique in the world. The reason for this is that the Turkish state makes its entire existence dependent on carrying out the Kurdish Genocide. The fascist AKP-MHP government also sees the crushing of the Kurdish Freedom Movement – the biggest obstacle to the implementation of the Kurdish Genocide – as the only way to stay in power. Accordingly, we are dealing with a government that makes its existence dependent on the suppression of the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and the Kurdish Genocide.

This genocidal and colonialist state is selling itself in order to get Europe and the USA to support its genocidal policies. By supporting the annihilation of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish Genocide, Europe and the USA are using Turkey according to their own interests in the Middle East and other regions. Thus, the USA and Europe are jointly responsible for all the attacks of the Turkish state. In order to disguise their support for these dirty policies and attacks, they demand from time to time that civilian deaths must be avoided. Such statements only encourage the fascist AKP-MHP government to continue the Kurdish Genocide.

We are forced to express clearly that all states and political forces that consider the attacks of the Turkish state as normal and legitimate are responsible for the Kurdish Genocide.

With the support and active participation of the USA and Europe, the Turkish state is pursuing a concept of annihilation against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. This concept is being implemented by the world’s most illegitimate, dirty, guilty and inhumane government and its supporters. Taking a stance and resisting against this policy, which has the Kurdish Genocide as its goal, is the most justified and legitimate form of resistance. This also applies to defeating the AKP-MHP government that is implementing this policy. This resistance serves all humanity, especially the peoples of the Middle East.

The Turkish state is openly talking about murdering and annihilating all Kurds and politicians around the world who are concerned about freedom. Consequently, it attacks revolutionaries, free-thinking politicians and Kurds everywhere who resist against the genocide. To remain silent in the face of these attacks means to consider all free Kurds as guilty and to justify all acts of those responsible for this genocidal policy. At the same time, everyone must be aware that the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurds are waging the most legitimate struggle in the world. It is the right of the Kurds to fight against the genocidal colonialism everywhere. Thus, all genocidal and colonialist forces are the target of attack not only of the PKK-led freedom struggle but of all Kurds and democratic-revolutionary forces. The fascist AKP-MHP government, the intelligence and military forces it commands and the collaborators who serve them – they are all guilty and decisive action must be taken against them all.

Wherever there are Kurds, there is also the PKK. No one can demand that people who support Rêber Apo’s ideas should only be allowed to live in certain places. Of course, the Kurds accept the ideas of a wise person, thinker and politician, who is unique in Kurdish history. Only fascists, enemies of free thought and supporters of the Kurdish genocide can protest against this. Wherever there are Kurds, the ideas of Rêber Apo will also be present. Attacking the people who stand up for these ideas amounts to nothing other than hostility towards Kurds. Because the AKP-MHP government is an enemy of all Kurds, it attacks North Kurdistan, Rojava, South Kurdistan, Sinjar and everywhere where Kurds are. The attack on the friends Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris – in the heart of Europe – was also a result of this mentality.

In its attacks, the Turkish state does not take into account any international law or norms. It murders civilians, bombs hospitals, sets fire to forests and uses chemical weapons. All of these are human rights crimes that must be brought before the Human Rights Court. If there is still such a thing as human rights, law, democracy, conscience and morality in this world, the Turkish state must be put on trial.

When he took office, U.S. President Biden promised that he would pay special attention to human rights, democracy and justice. He even described his inauguration as the beginning of a new era for the world. However, this very president is turning a blind eye to the attacks and crimes of the AKP-MHP government and considers it as a completely ordinary government. From the perspective of the U.S. people and all humanity, this means nothing other than legitimizing the actions of a dictator and murderer. Those who insist on democracy and freedom must not sacrifice these values to their own interests.

In the world of Capitalist Modernity, interests are more important than these values. So, the Kurdish people must show unity against all these attacks and the Kurdish hostility and resist with a patriotic-democratic attitude. Especially taking a stance and resisting against the Turkish state and the current AKP government is very important for securing a free and democratic future for the Kurdish people. The fascist AKP-MHP government attacks all revolutionaries in the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad with the justification that they defend the ideas of Rêber Apo and take a corresponding political stance. Taking action against these attacks is a necessity for the entire Kurdish people and the political forces in all four parts of Kurdistan. Not taking a stance or simply remaining silent means agreeing to the stigmatization of the Kurds, who have resisted the genocide of the Turkish state for a hundred years, as criminal, barbaric, uncivilized and terrorist. It is undeniable that this would be a humiliation for all Kurds.

The people and the political forces of South Kurdistan, especially the people of Suleymaniye, have openly embraced comrade Şükrü as a Kurdish and patriotic revolutionary. This must serve as a model for any stance against the ongoing attacks. Wherever a Kurdish person who supports the ideas of Rêber Apo, a cadre or a sympathizer of the PKK are assassinated, they must be openly stood up for. This is the most appropriate response to genocidal colonialism. Such attacks can only be prevented with the help of such an attitude. Through the spirit of Kurdish national unity, a stance must be developed against the fascist AKP-MHP government that makes it impossible for the intelligence and military forces of AKP-MHP fascism to be in South Kurdistan or any other part of Kurdistan. Thus, the genocidal and collaborating forces – these enemies of the Kurdish people – must be put to flight.

The Kurdish people and their selfless children – the guerrilla fighters – are waging an enormous struggle, for which they are putting up with all kinds of difficulties and sacrifices. Through their struggle, they have brought the AKP-MHP government to the brink of collapse. If all Kurds and political forces in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad take a stance against this government and fight against it, the AKP-MHP government will collapse very soon. Once this happens, the door will open for the democratization of Turkey and the resolution of the Kurdish question. This will at the same time constitute a great step for securing all the achievements of the Kurds and for the democratization of the whole Middle East.

On this basis, we call on all Kurds, Kurdish political forces and all democratic forces to intensify their struggle against the AKP-MHP government, to liberate Kurdistan and to democratize Turkey and the Middle East.

19 September 2021


KCK Executive Council