We offer our condolences to the families and relatives of hundreds of mine workers who lost their lives in Soma, Turkey; we wish quick recovery for those wounded in the mine blast. As Kurdistan Freedom Movement we will stand with you and share your sorrow.

The death of hurdreds of mine workers is not an accident; it is a crime. In Turkey, making production at low cost is being achieved at the cost of job security. Not only the workers are underpaid, but also, void of any job security measures, maximum wealth at the minimum period is being targeted. This sweating system is not limited to coal mines only; it is running in all work places in Turkey. Every year many seasonal farm workers lose their lives in massacre-like traffic accidents on the roads. Turkey, as a country of cheap workforce which has no job security, is an heaven of exploitation. International companies garn huge profits from investing in Turkey, a country with no job security. The workers in Turkey, no matter they are Kurds, Turks, Lazs or Cherkezs, all have been turned into the most profitable exploitation objects both by the Turkish bourgeoisie and the international capital.

The Prime Minister is always talking of good economic indices. Here, these deaths and slave-like exploitation of workers are the cost paid for such good indices. With its cheap workforce and lack of job security, Turkey can be characterized as the 21st century’s version of the Sumerian and Egyptian slavery systems. The only difference between the workers in Turkey and the Sumerian and Egyptian slaves is that the former has more access to consumption goods. As a matter of fact, the capitalistic system increases its exploitation and manages to sustain via making people dependent on consumption goods. As for Erdogan, he is the 21st century version of the kings of the slaver empires.

Turkey’s contemporary exploitative and repressive slavery system runs against the interests of all the peoples of Turkey, just as the capitalistic system of today’s world has turned into a great burden for humanity and nature. Salvation is not in the capitalistic modernity system, but in the communal economic system based on ecological industry within the system of democratic modernity. The communal democratic system of democratic confederalism is the only alternative and the right way out, not only for the economic problems but also for all the political, social and cultural ones.

These crimes are the result of industrialization, the greatest threat to humanity. The only way to prevent such massacre is the establishment of a communal economic system based on ecological industry.

We call on the peoples of Turkey to come together and carry out common struggle for establishing a socio-economic life system based on communal democratic values and ecological industry.

14 May 2014
Co-presidency of
KCK Executive Council