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The Kurdish Freedom Movement has been in a non-action position for one and a half year. The AKP administration has misused this position as an opportunity for building new military posts, new dams and new roads for military purposes. It attacked the people who were protesting against the building of military posts, killed 2 Kurdish patriots and injured many others. We offer our condolences to our people and the families of the martyrs and wish quick recovery for the wounded.

The AKP administration started building new military posts immediately after the non-conflict situation. They fortified old military posts and built new ones in those areas where it had been impossible to build posts during the clashes. This attitude has de facto ruled out the non-conflict situation. Our resolve for a political and democratic settlement has been abused. They have followed such an opportunistic policy because they have no policies for settling the issue. The withdrawal process was halted because of such attitudes and implementations. But the AKP didn’t take into consideration this warning, continued to abuse the non-conflict situation and insisted on its non-settlement policies.

People wanted to make the AKP abandon such policies by resisting against the construction of military posts. The massacre in Lice has demonstrated the fact that the AKP has no policies for settling the Kurdish question; quite the contrary, it has decided to suppress people’s resistance. It became well understood that the B and C plans of Erdogan have been to break the resolve of the people for a free and democratic life. The mentality underlying the attacks on the Lice resistance is the same mentality which conducted political genocide operations in the aftermath of March 29th local elections in 2009, and return of the Peace Groups in the same year; each were instances of the manifestation of people’s resolve for a free life. The Turkish state will continue to attack the people’s struggle for freedom and democracy as long as it has not reached the mentality and policies for settling the Kurdish question. The Lice massacre has once again revealed this cold fact of the Turkish state.

The 12-years-long policies of the AKP administration has displayed the fact that, as far as their goals and aims are concerned, there is no difference between Erdogan and Çiller; the only difference is the methodology change in their attempts to eliminate the Freedom Movement. As the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people developed and the colonialism based on cultural genocide was exposed, the state changed the approaches and methods of offense against the Kurds. No doubt, this method change is the result of the no-exit in old methods. The Kurdish Freedom Movement evaluated this situation and gave a chance for a democratic and political solution. But the AKP administration did not give a positive response to these approaches based on democratic political solution.

It is not a coincidence that the attacks in Lice followed the workshop in Amed, a measure of psychological war. By organizing this workshop they have not only tried to create the political legitimacy for suppressing people’s resistance, but also have attempted to distract the Kurdish People and democratic circles till the presidential elections. The aim is of the workshop was to convey such am message to Kurdish people: “we will do something”; and the aim of the Lice massacre was to ensure the nationalistic and chauvinistic circles that the attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Movement will continue. This special war policy of finessing has been continuing for 12 years. The Turkish state and AKP will pursue their policies of distraction and no-settlement unless these special war policies are defeated by resistance.

The duty falls on the Kurdish people and the democratic circles to draw a line for these policies which aim at eliminating the background built up through years of struggle by the peoples of Turkey.

Therefore, democratic circles should come together and struggle on the basis of a democracy program. Such a struggle will reveal the anti-democratic and hegemonic face of the AKP, put an end to the policies aiming at distracting and deceiving the society and open the way for a real free and democratic life.

We call on all the Kurdish people and democratic circles to embrace the martyrs of Lice, pursue their struggle until they crown the Lice people’s resistance Lice with a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan; we call on the youth to join the guerrilla in order to strengthen self-defense against the attacks.


8 June 2014