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Turkeys Attacks on Rojava are a Crime Against Humanity

For several days, several members of the fascist Turkish government, especially its fascist chief Tayyip Erdoğan, have been threatening attacks and massacres against Rojava [North Syria]. As of today, there have been extensive attacks on Rojava and North and East Syria. In these attacks, civilians as well as the civil infrastructure has been targeted. It is reported that many people were killed and wounded in the attacks and that many dams, facilities, shops and workplaces were bombed by warplanes. We strongly condemn these inhumane attacks by the Turkish state. Everyone needs to condemn these attacks and take a stand. These attacks are following a genocidal mentality and are crimes against humanity. One shall not remain silent in the face of such a crime.

Kurdish enmity has become instinctive in the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government that governs it. The government looks at the world with this instinct, attacks wherever there is a development in the name of Kurdishness. For this, it does not take into account any borders, rules or laws. This is definitely a sick state. Tayyip Erdoğan has been poisoned with Kurdish enmity and these attacks are nothing but the injection of this poison. Since democratic politics and public opinion in Turkey are under great pressure, and since intellectuals, artists and journalists who would criticize wrongdoings and expose the truth have been arrested and silenced, the fascist mentality and policies of AKP-MHP, are presented to the Turkish society as if they were the truth. While anyone who tries to say that this is not the case is instantly suppressed, arrested and silenced, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, war-mongering personalities who praise fascist policies and see them as right are made to speak on television programs. In this way, they think that they can impose fascism on society and establish a system of oppression based on lies. But as it can be seen, the action in Ankara has unmasked the AKP-MHP government and those who are trying to impose fascism on the Turkish society by making war-mongering twenty-four hours a day, and exposed their lies. There has been so much reaction because this action has destroyed the order built on lies. In reality, the war has not stopped for a single second. It is the AKP-MHP government that imposed this war. It is the Turkish state that says it will solve everything with war. They are the ones who brag about how many Kurds they kill every day. What the Kurdish people are doing is defending themselves and resisting genocide. The Kurdish people do not surrender to fascism, genocide and colonialism. It resists and protects its existence under all circumstances.

Explaining the attacks on Rojava with the action in Ankara is a complete distortion and excuse. The Turkish state has made up its mind to invade Rojava and displace the Kurds through massacres and displacement, and to make Rojava no longer the homeland of the Kurds. The Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government have made this decision. Just a few days ago, the fascist chief Tayyip Erdoğan made this clear by stating that the invasion of Rojava was a matter of preparation, timing and environment. Therefore, the attacks are within the scope of Kurdish genocide. The Kurdish people and the public are well aware of this fact.

It is very clear that the world is being put to the test in the face of the Turkish state’s attacks against the Kurdish people. Who is righteous and conscientious, who stands on the side of justice, will be determined by the attitude they take in the face of this reality. So far, no official international institution and state, especially the UN, has criticized or taken a serious stance against these attacks by the Turkish state. On the contrary, they have directly or indirectly supported the policies of the Turkish state. Based on this support, the Turkish state carries out these attacks and carries out Kurdish genocide policies. We once again call on international institutions and states, especially the UN, not to support these attacks by the Turkish state and to take a clear stance against it. Neither the UN and NATO nor any other state or institution should support the Turkish state and become a partner in the policies of Kurdish genocide.

We also call on the patriotic people of Kurdistan and all democratic forces around the world; there is an urgent need for greater attitudes against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state than the attitudes exhibited so far. Fascism can only be stopped, limited and destroyed through democratic organization and action. As can be seen, the world of states is compromising with the Turkish state, keeping silent about what it is doing, supporting and approving it. As the democratic world and public opinion, we cannot accept this. We have to exert political pressure on states and institutions with a strong position and convince them to give up this attitude. States and official institutions cannot be recognized as legitimate with this approach. On this basis, our people in Kurdistan and abroad need to stand up wherever they are and show their strong reaction against the attacks. Peoples, women, youth, democracy forces and all international friends have to also take active action in solidarity with the Kurdish people.

[The statement was originally posted on 05. October 2023 in Turkish]

KCK Executive Council