Dear all,

the attacks of the Turkish state on the Kurdish people continue while facing a huge political, military and social resistance by the peoples of Kurdistan. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about some of the most important recent developments in North and South Kurdistan:

  • While the Turkish state continues to attack guerrilla positions in South Kurdistan (North Iraq) with chemical weapons on a daily basis, recent reports show that three civilians from the village Hirur (South Kurdistan, Berwarî Bala area) still suffer from the aftermath of a Turkish attack with chemical weapons on their village. Talking to a local news agency, a relative of the three wounded stated that the medical situation of all three civilians remains to be bad. He also said, that despite the affirmation by doctors that all three wounded had been affected by chemical weapons the hospital had refused to officially document this.
  • In recent days, the HPG guerrilla (People`s Defense Forces) intensified its attacks on the Turkish army in North Kurdistan (southeast Turkey). On September 11, the HPG confirmed two attacks in the provinces Dersim and Siirt. As a result, three Turkish soldiers were killed. In two separate attacks on Turkish soldiers in the Gabar region on September 6 and 7, at least eight Turkish soldiers were killed and four more wounded.
  • On September 13, a demonstration against the Turkish occupation attacks took place in the south Kurdish city Sulaymaniyah. Protesters criticized both the Turkish attacks and the support for these attacks by the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party). They also voiced their support for the Kurdish journalists in the Behdinan region who were imprisoned by KDP forces.
  • The Turkish army continues to systematically destroy the nature in North Kurdistan. Forest fires set deliberately by Turkish soldiers continue to burn in many different regions, including Dersim and Şemdinli. On Mount Cudi, the Turkish army uses local village guards to cut down centuries-old trees. In a recent statement in Istanbul, 34 environmental organizations announced that they would travel to Dersim to show solidarity against the deliberate ecological destruction in the area.


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Azad Serdar

KCK Press Office
twitter: @KckUnion