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for more than five months, the Turkish army has been carrying out relentless attacks on South Kurdistan (North Iraq). Here are the most important developments of the recent days:

  • The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has published an in-depth report about the extensive use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army in South Kurdistan. As the report shows, these attacks have led to fatalities and wounded among the ranks of the guerrilla and the South Kurdish civilian population.
  • The HPG guerrilla (People`s Defense Forces) have published the identity of three of its member who were killed as a result of a Turkish attack with chemical weapons. This attack happened in the Girê Sor area in the Avaşîn region (South Kurdistan) on September 3.
  • On September 24, two villages in South Kurdistan were attacked by Turkish war planes and artillery. As a result, the villager Sabit Hisên, who lives in the village of Hirûrê, was critically injured. The houses and gardens of the population of the village Bankê in the Behdinan region were also heavily damaged.
  • The HPG has published its monthly balance sheet of the war in South Kurdistan. Since August 23, the guerrilla has carried out 95 attacks on the Turkish forces. At least 71 Turkish soldiers were killed and 13 more wounded. 41 members of the guerrilla fell during the resistance against the Turkish occupation. This includes six guerrilla fighters who fell as a result of Turkish attacks with chemical weapons. In total, the Turkish army has resorted to the use of chemical weapons 157 times since August 23 alone.

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Azad Serdar

KCK Press Office
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