Newroz 2022 has set the stage for a new year of successful struggle against fascism, tyranny and occupation in Kurdistan and the Middle East. Tens of millions of Kurds, Arabs and their international friends all over the world celebrated Newroz in hundreds of cities thus showing their ever increasing support for the anti-fascist struggle being led in Kurdistan and the Middle East today. The significance of this year´s participation in the celebrations is worth being highlighted. As part of its occupation and genocide policy, the fascist AKP-MHP government in Turkey had tried to prevent this year´s Newroz celebrations especially in Turkey and North Kurdistan, but also in North and East Syria and South Kurdistan (North Iraq).

Yet, the Kurdish people and the other peoples of the region – especially the Arab people – joined the Newroz celebrations in the millions thus making their demand for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, the end of the fascist AKP-MHP government and the strengthening of the democratic people´s alliance in Turkey and other countries of the region heard all over the world. Newroz 2022 has thus become a clear sign of the determined and successful struggle that will be led by the peoples and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement this year. The Kurdish people and their friends in the Middle East and other parts of the world have declared on Newroz that they are ready to increase their support for the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and thus – in 2022 – achieve the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, the end of the occupation in Kurdistan and the democratization of the Middle East. Consequently, it is important for the democratic forces of the world and the state forces to hear this message clearly since the freedom struggle in Kurdistan will greatly shape this year´s developments in the Middle East and beyond. Read the full report here