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april 27, 2023

Parts of an interview with Besê Hozat, KCK co-Chair, about the latest developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world, including Turkey’s ongoing occupation attacks in South Kurdistan/North Iraq, the unclear situation of Abdullah Öcalan, a recent conference and demonstration in support of Abdullah Öcalan, new developments in the Turkish-Syrian relations, the relations between Iraq and Turkey, Turkey’s increasing pressure on South Kurdish politics, the AKP’s election strategy, the importance for everybody to cast their vote in Turkey’s election, the importance of the election for nature, women and youth and the role of the Alevis in the upcoming elections:

Turkey’s Occupation Attacks in South Kurdistan – “As long as these attacks continue, the resistance will continue”

“The war continues. The Turkish state continues its attacks everywhere despite our decision to halt all military attacks of the guerrilla. In North Kurdistan [East Turkey], South Kurdistan [North Iraq] and Rojava the heavy attacks continue. Against this, of course, the guerrilla resistance on the basis of legitimate defense continues in the strongest possible way. This struggle will continue. As long as these attacks and this genocide policy continue, the resistance will continue in a glorious way. Thus, our people will definitely gain their freedom. Kurdistan will be liberated and Turkey will be democratized. Today, this genocide policy has reached the point of collapse. For 100 years this genocide policy has been pursued, and for the last 8 years the fascist AKP-MHP regime has tried to bring this policy to a conclusion by using all the means available to the state. But the point it has reached today is obvious. Through war, denial and extermination they cannot achieve any results. This has become very clear. As long as the spirit of the Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna [areas in South Kurdistan/North Iraq] resistance fighters remains, as long as this will of resistance and this sacrificial stance continue, this struggle will never be defeated. This struggle will definitely achieve victory.”

Unclear Situation of Abdullah Öcalan – “AKP-MHP fascism is laying the ground for civil war in Turkey”

“The Constitutional Court [of Turkey] had asked the [Turkish] Ministry of Justice and the Asrin Law Office [represents Abdullah Öcalan legally] for information on the situation in Imrali. On that basis, the Minister of Justice recently made some statements. This is a new development and very important. The fascist AKP-MHP regime is trying to create the impression that there is a functioning judiciary in Turkey, that there is a functioning law. The fascist Turkish state is trying to create such an impression for the world and for the society in Turkey. But there is no judiciary, there are no judicial institutions left, and there is no law. They have all become political instruments in the hands of the AKP-MHP regime. They have become weapons that are being used in the genocidal war against the Kurds and against the society in Turkey. The judiciary has turned into a weapon, it has become a part of the war. In other words, it has turned into an institution that completely serves politics. They are doing this consciously. A game is being played as if the Constitutional Court was functioning, the judiciary was functioning and the Minister of Justice was supervising them. That’s why the Constitutional Court asked for the opinion of the Ministry of Justice and the Asrin Law Office. Of course, no one gets fooled by all this. First and foremost, the Kurdish people, our Freedom Movement and the international democratic public will not be fooled. These times have passed.”

“An even more serious aspect are the recent statements made by the [Turkish] Minister of Justice. He said that there is no severe isolation in Imrali and spoke of normal practices. He said that these are very mild practices, that the lack of meetings on Imrali is due to factors that are not in their hands. How do we need to understand this statement? Imrali is a system of torture and isolation. Special warfare is systematically being waged there. Imrali has been turned into the center of the genocidal war against Leader Apo [Abdullah ÖCalan] and the Kurds. Lawyers have not met with Leader Apo for years. His family has not met him either. Neither can NGOs or anyone else visit Leader Apo and his imprisoned comrades there. All national law, international law and conventions have been trampled on. How many times has the CPT visited Imrali? The last visit in September [2022] was the 9th time. But the CPT has not made any statement on Imrali. Really, the CPT legitimizes AKP-MHP fascism. Similarly, the Council of Europe has become a partner in this war of genocide and the system of torture and isolation. Crimes against humanity are being committed there.”

The special warfare regime governs Imrali with the help of special laws. No one knows what is going on in Imrali at the moment. A lot of claims have been made about the health and safety of Leader Apo. None of us, neither our people, nor we as a movement have any information. They say that the practices in Imrali are mild practices. In other words, the Minister of Justice considers the torture, isolation and special warfare practices as normal and mild. What does this mean? What they are saying is that the current measures are light and that there could even be worse ones. What can be worse than the current practices? Physical annihilation. They don’t say these kinds of things for nothing. In fact, they are trying to blackmail the movement, the Kurdish people and the society in Turkey. This is a threat. And this is being done on the eve of the elections. Days before the election, these statements are being made. On the other hand, they talk about factors that are not in their hands. What are these factors? For years they said ‘the coaster is broken, there is bad weather, that’s why the lawyers cannot go to Imrali’. Then, for the last couple of years, lawyers were not sent to Imrali because of disciplinary penalties. And now they are saying there are factors that are not in their hands. These things are being put forward as excuses.”

“All this is unacceptable. The CPT needs to clarify this situation. It went to Imrali in September [2022] and submitted its report to Turkey in March [2023]. But there was not a single statement. Neither the CPT nor Turkey made a single statement on the latest CPT report. What did the CPT see in Imrali, what is the situation there? How will the CPT respond to the recent statements of the Minister of Justice? Our movement is waiting for an explanation from the CPT and the Council of Europe. The CPT acts on the basis of the dirty political interests of the European countries and the Council of Europe. It has turned into a political tool. The CPT, the Council of Europe and the European Union have become institutions that legitimize torture and strengthen AKP-MHP fascism. Europe needs to stop this hypocritical and pragmatic policy. Very recently, Germany also raided many Kurdish civilian institutions and houses. Thus, it sends a message to Erdogan and Turkey during the election process and tells them ‘we are with you’.”

“It is a serious matter that the Constitutional Court stepped in during this phase to ask for the opinion of the Asrin Law Office and the Minister of Justice, and then made such a statement. There is a terrible special warfare going on. This is a very dirty policy. This shows how deep the torture and isolation system and genocide policy have gone. It also reveals what the future of Turkey will be if the fascist AKP-MHP regime remains in power. What they are doing is a call for civil war. Step by step, AKP-MHP fascism is laying the ground for civil war in Turkey. Therefore, it is necessary to fight very strongly against the Imrali torture and isolation system.”

Recent Conference and Demonstration in Support of Abdullah Öcalan – “This has put the physical freedom of Leader Apo and the democratic solution of the Kurdish question on the world agenda”

“The recent conference in Hamburg [April 6 – 9, 2023] was very exciting. Very rich discussions took place there for 4 days, which really made us all very happy. The paradigm of Leader Apo was discussed with all its dimensions. This is very important. The challenge to capitalist modernity and the solution to the structural crisis of capitalist modernity represented by the paradigm of democratic modernity developed by Leader Apo were discussed comprehensively during the conference. This shows how universal the paradigm of Leader Apo has become. It is gradually becoming the property of the whole world. Many intellectuals, academics and different circles from around the world are discussing this paradigm. Leader Apo proposes a solution to the crisis of capitalist modernity for the peoples in the form of democratic modernity and the democratic-confederal system. The paradigm of the democratic nation, this paradigm based on democracy, ecology and women’s freedom is thus emerging as a fundamental solution to all the world’s problems, to all kinds of problems that society is experiencing. That is why it is being adopted in a very serious way. And the struggle inspired by it is spreading. Strong support for it is developing worldwide. This support also leads to a strong struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Apo. Serious support for him is developing worldwide. This is a great success. It is a very important achievement that the paradigm, the ideas of Leader Apo are spreading, that they are supported so much and that this is gradually turning into a strong struggle in many different ways.”

“Another recent development is the demonstration in Düsseldorf [on April 15, 2023]. This was a magnificent demonstration. I would like to greet all those who participated in it. These protests are being supported by more and more parts of society. In other words, the social struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Apo is gaining a universal character. There is also a very serious participation in these protests from members of the European society. There is a very serious participation of internationalists. There was a strong participation in the Düsseldorf march on April 15. This is important. The conclusion we need to draw is this: If we wage a multidimensional political, diplomatic, legal, social and ideological struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Apo, we will definitely achieve his physical freedom. Simultaneously, we will thus realize the democratic solution of the Kurdish question. These are closely related issues. In this sense, it is necessary to continue the struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Apo in every possible way. Both the spreading of the paradigm in the world, the expansion of the social struggle and the legal struggle. The other dimensions are the diplomatic, political and ideological struggles. We need to develop a comprehensive struggle in an even stronger way. What has been done so far is very meaningful. This has led to an important level of sensitivity and support. This has put the physical freedom of Leader Apo and the democratic solution of the Kurdish question on the world agenda. We need to continue this struggle in a strong way.”

Recent Developments in Turkish-Syrian Relations – “Turkey seeks to promote anti-Kurdish sentiments and to provoke conflicts between the Kurds and Syria”

“Turkey’s diplomacy completely predicates itself on hostility towards the Kurds. Its relations with the Arab states are also based on this. Turkey has recently met representatives of the Gulf countries, of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and Egypt. In general, all the negotiations Turkey conducts in the Middle East, in Africa and worldwide are based on its hostility towards the Kurdish people. Now, Turkey is trying to win the Arab countries for such an anti-Kurdish position. It is doing its best to prevent a democratic solution in Syria, to make Syria fight the Kurds and to deepen the war there. Turkey’s whole policy towards the Arab countries is based on this approach.”

Different Arab countries entertain relations with Syria. Turkey is trying to use these relations in order to prevent the democratization of Syria and a democratic solution of the country’s problems with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. With regards to this issue, Turkey’s policy is very clear: It seeks to promote anti-Kurdish sentiments, to provoke conflicts between the Kurds and Syria and to support war and genocide against the Kurds there. Through its relations with the Syrian state Turkey is pursuing this kind of policy. It is also trying to draw Russia into this, just like it is trying to draw Syria, Iran and the Arab countries as a whole into this. Lately, the Syrian regime had various meetings with Arab countries. Most recently, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia visited Damascus. There were various reports that Saudi Arabia invited Syria to return to the Arab League. Apart from Qatar, the other Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, want Syria to join the Arab League again. Arab states are gradually re-opening their embassies in Syria. Today, Syria entertains relations with a variety of Arab countries, especially with the Gulf countries and Egypt. Relations with Damascus are gradually improving. This means the following: Arab countries recognize the current Assad government. There is an approach to include Syria in the Arab League again. But Qatar opposes this. Turkey and Qatar have strategic relations. Qatar is the only Arab country that differs on this issue.”

The development of relations between Syria and the Arab countries is important. We attach great importance to it. Of course, we want these relations to be based on the democratization of Syria and the solution of the problems with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria on the basis of democratic negotiations. This is in Syria’s interest. It is in the interest of all Arab countries and the Arab society. Contradictions between Kurds and Arabs serve only the fascist, genocidal Turkish state. They do not serve any Arab country. Contradictions do not serve the Syrian state and Syrian society at all. From this point of view, it is very important that these relations progress towards a democratic solution to the problem. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria recently published a very important declaration. It declared that it considers the Syrian government’s relations with the Arab countries to be important, that it wants to develop relations with all these countries as well, and that it is open to relations with all political structures, civil society organizations, Arab countries and societies and all groups of society that are in favor of a solution. The Autonomous Administration declared that it is its strategy to solve the existing problems within the framework of the territorial integrity of Syria, on a democratic basis and on the basis of the democratization of Syria. This is an extremely important declaration. This declaration issued by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria at a time when the relations between Damascus and the Arab countries are developing so intensely has complemented these developments. We are also in favor of such a solution. Of course, we are in favor of a democratic solution. We support the coming together of the Syrian state and government and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria on a democratic basis within Syrian borders to solve their problems. The real solution lies in the democratization of Syria. Syria will be democratized when the Kurds and all communities living in Syria gain their democratic rights. In this sense, we support all these efforts and find them very important.”

Relations Between Iraq and Turkey – “Turkey is trying to turn Iraq into an enemy of the Kurds”

“Turkey wants to improve its relations with Iraq. It has been working hard in this direction for a long time. It wants to play an influential role in the design of Iraq. For years, it has been making comprehensive efforts to organize the Turkmens, especially in Kirkuk. Turkey has taken a military foothold there. There is various information that Turkey has created serious organizational structures there. It is thus engaged in activities that are directed against Iraq. This is very clear. It has made Kirkuk the center of this policy. Turkey is trying to turn Iraq into an enemy of the Kurds. But it would not make sense for Iraq to have any problems with the Kurds. The Kurdish problem has been solved in South Kurdistan and Iraq. But Turkey is persistently trying to bring Iraq to this point. Of course, Iraq has not fallen for this for years. Iraq has no such problem. There is a status in South Kurdistan and there are relations on this basis. Iraq has recognized this in the constitution. Why should Iraq earn the enmity of the Kurds in North Kurdistan? Why should Iraq earn the enmity of the Kurds in Rojava? Why should it earn the enmity of the Kurds in its neighborhood? How would this benefit Iraq? Iraq knows this, of course. Therefore, it has approached this issue with state wisdom. It approaches this rationally.”

Iraq is faced with a very serious water problem. The water of the Euphrates river has been turned into a tool for blackmailing Iraq. For years the fascist AKP-MHP regime has cut off the water of the Euphrates river. This constitutes an international crime. There are laws for this in international conventions. But Turkey is violating them. In fact, Turkey is committing a crime against humanity. It violates international law. It is using this as a trump card against Iraq. It cuts off the water of the Euphrates. Now there is talk of a serious desertification in Iraq. Agriculture and animal husbandry cannot be done there anymore. This has really turned into a huge crisis. Turkey has turned this issue into a weapon. It is doing the same thing in Syria. Turkey is trying to use this as a trump card to drag Iraq into its own policy. It is trying to lure Iraq into hostility towards the Kurds. This is what Turkey is telling Iraq: ‘You must destroy the free Kurd. I am carrying out a genocide and you will support me. If you don’t, I will cut off your water.’ Turkey has been using this against Iraq for years. Recently, there were reports that Iraqi officials went to Turkey to solve this water problem. Their main agenda may really be the water problem and the trade problem. There are many problems like these which of course might be on the agenda of Iraq. But this is not Turkey’s agenda. Turkey’s agenda is its enmity towards the Kurdish people. Turkey tries to put this on Iraq’s agenda and to win Iraq’s support for its genocide and occupation attacks against the Kurds. It has demanded this from Iraq. This is not a secret. The Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP regime have said this themselves. We are sure that Iraq will not take part in such things. Because this would be of no benefit to the country. This would not be in Iraq’s interest. It would only harm Iraq. Iraq’s interest is in favor of a free future with the Kurds. It is in favor of a strategic alliance and unity.”

Turkey’s Pressure South Kurdish Politics – “Turkey wants to drag the PUK into a policy of treachery and collaboration like the KDP”

“The Turkish state pursues the same policy in South Kurdistan. Genocidal attacks have been going on there for years. Turkey has occupied a significant part of South Kurdistan. It wants to increase these occupation attacks even more. Turkey is trying to widen its sphere of influence to all of the KDP-controlled territory. It is also trying to make Sulaymaniyah like Hewlêr. It wants to turn the PUK [Patriotic Union of Kurdistan] into the KDP. It wants to drag the PUK into a policy of treachery and collaboration like the KDP. This is the main reason for Turkey’s attacks. For example, Turkey could have carried out its recent attack on Mazlum Abdi [commander of Syrian Democratic Forces] far away from the airport [in Sulaymaniyah], but it didn’t. Turkey deliberately attacked close to the airport. Because it wants to establish control over Sulaymaniyah Airport. Turkey attacked close to the airport so that it could inflict serious pressure, get concessions and establish control over Sulaymaniyah Airport. Likewise, Turkey used the helicopters that crashed as a justification. But the International Coalition has been waging a joint fight [with the SDF] against ISIS for years. They have relations accordingly. The movement of these helicopters took place as part of the fight against ISIS. This was an accident but Turkey has been trying to use this as an excuse. It has been trying to do this for years. Turkey wants to increase the genocidal war on the eve of the elections. It plans to win the upcoming elections through war. If, through pressures in this direction, Turkey succeeds to draws the PUK into a treacherous and collaborating policy, if Turkey establishes control over it like it has over the KDP, then Turkey will be able to carry out its war of genocide in any way it wants. The AKP-MHP’s plan is to win the elections by intensifying this agenda in Turkey to get the votes of racist, fascist and nationalist groups. This is also going on in Rojava with all its intensity. [Turkish] Operations and attacks continue every day in the Medya Defense Zones and North Kurdistan as well. Turkey is thus waging a total war. It is also doing this in South Kurdistan by trying to include the PUK. Until now, the PUK’s stance has been important. It has not moved over to the line of the KDP. It has refused to become a traitor, collaborator and partner in the Kurdish genocide. It has taken a clear stance against all this. This is extremely important. This is a patriotic stance. Of course this needs to be strengthened. If the PUK adopts the KDP line just like Turkey wants it to, the PUK will be finished. The reason for its existence will cease to exist. The PUK’s patriotic sensitivity is what makes it the PUK. Without this attitude, it would not be different from the KDP. Then, the PUK would cease to exist. It would have no credibility and would simply be finished. For the PUK, this would be suicide.”

“The KDP imposes spying on our patriotic people who come to South Kurdistan for political reasons. It says to them: ‘You will spy for the MIT. If you become a spy, you can live here. But if you don’t, we won’t let you live here. Then you have to leave or I will hand you over to Turkey.’ Those who refuse to comply are killed in partnership with the MIT. This is why the attacks on Zeki Çelebi and Hüseyin Türeli took place. The recent statements of the KDP with regards to this issue are a disgrace. I believe that in their conscience, the Kurds really condemn the KDP. The Kurdish people have condemned it because of this mentality and dirty policy. History has condemned the KDP.”

AKP Election Strategy – “Erdoğan is conducting his entire election policy based on hostility towards the Kurdish people”

“These elections are really very important. If this fascist government wins the elections, the genocidal fascist policies will be legitimized and perpetuated. In this case, this fascist regime will be institutionalized. Then, the MHP will continue and intensify this genocidal policy. Therefore, this fascist government must not win these elections. It is already doing everything to win. But it has only one thing left: a total war of genocide. Look at the AKP media: They have no agenda other than war and weapons. Their entire agenda is hostility against the Kurds. When they attacks the opposition, they do so on the basis of their hostility against the Kurdish people. They conduct their entire policy on this basis.”

“They recently published the justification for the court case to shut down the HDP. They also revealed the reasons for the sentence they gave to Selahattin Demirtaş. In this context, they put forward the visits to Qandil during the dialogue process in 2013-2015 as a basic justification. Yet, the HDP delegation’s visits to Qandil at the time were based on the permission of Erdoğan and the AKP government. It was the government itself that provided a safe passage for the HDP delegation. During the dialogue process, we sent many letters to Leader Apo. When the HDP delegation handed over those letters, they were not immediately given to Leader Apo. They were given days later, sometimes even weeks later. What was done with those letters in the meantime? They were given to Erdoğan. Erdoğan read the letters we wrote to Leader Apo. Then he would give them to Hakan Fidan. Only afterwards, the letters were sent to Leader Apo. During the same period, the AKP-affiliated Sabah newspaper came [to Qandil] and interviewed us. Erdoğan and the AKP government are the ones who developed relations with the PKK the most. Leader Apo and our struggle have unmasked Erdoğan. This fascist government really has no reserves anymore. The fascist genocidal reality has been revealed. Now they have nothing left except war. Erdoğan is conducting his entire election policy based on hostility towards the Kurdish people. There is only one thing he promises to the Kurds and the people of Turkey: war and massacres. Look at the list of AKP-MHP candidates: There are a lot of mass murderers and hitmen on it. A list full of Kurdish enemies. This is what they promise to Turkey. From this point of view, this government really, really needs to be overthrown on May 14. This government promises the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey nothing but death, nothing but darkness, nothing but war, nothing but massacres. It is destroying Turkey’s future.”

Importance of Casting Vote – “A boycott would only serve the fascist regime”

“The National Alliance does not have a democratic policy either. They recently announced their election manifesto. Many statements have been made. Everyone is talking and discussing. Yet, there is no serious policy for the democratic solution of the Kurdish question, for the democratization of Turkey, for the construction of a democratic republic. Therefore, it is very clear that the future of Turkey lies with the Labor and Freedom Alliance. The main force that will democratize Turkey, build a democratic republic and ensure a democratic solution to the Kurdish question is the Labor and Freedom Alliance. It is the success of the Green Left Party in this election. That is why the Green Left Party must emerge victorious from this election. This is very important for the democratization of Turkey, for the construction of a democratic republic and for the democratic solution of the Kurdish question. The Green Left Party needs to enter parliament in a very strong way, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This is what is expected from our people, from all environmentalists, the women’s movement, youth movement and from everybody who is in favor of peace, democracy, justice, equality and a nature-friendly approach.”

“This is the main force that will democratize Turkey. It is not the National Alliance. In order to overthrow the dictator Erdoğan, all our people must vote for the candidates of the Green Left Party and the Labor and Freedom Alliance. This fascist dictator must be removed and this fascist regime must collapse. In order for this to happen, the success of the Labor and Freedom Alliance and the Green Left Party on May 14 is very important. The Green Left Party candidate list is very strong. Women and the youth are represented well on it. Almost every identity is represented on the list. The Green Left Party will thus carry all the colors and differences of Turkey to parliament. In this sense, it is a very democratic list. It is a list that reflects the colorful and pluralistic reality of Turkey. Therefore, our people should unite around these candidates. Everyone must vote. Everyone needs to go to the polls and vote for the Green Left Party. They must vote to overthrow the fascist Erdoğan. They must vote for the Green Left Party in the election. This is very important. Therefore, I would like to call on everyone to unite around the candidates.”

“We have heard recently that some democratic, leftist and socialist groups are discussing a boycott of the elections. We do not consider this the right thing to do. This election is not that kind of election. Whoever takes a stance of boycotting the elections, no matter how democratic, socialist and leftist their ideology or policy is, directly and indirectly serves the fascist dictator Erdoğan. This should not be done. Because a boycott would only lead to a loss of votes. And the loss of votes serves the fascist regime. A boycott would be useless for the democratic forces. Because these elections are really important. The peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey need to not make even the smallest mistake.”

“Of course, not everything will be solved with the fall of this government. We are talking about a very deep-rooted mentality. The mentality of the fascist Turkish state, the nation state system is based on denial and annihilation. But when the democratic front gains strength, it will form a very strong front of struggle on the basis of the democratization of Turkey. New dynamics will then emerge in Turkey. The basis for democracy will grow stronger. For the democratization of Turkey, the construction of a democratic republic, a democratic government and a democratic system will offer a very important opportunity and a ground for struggle. In this respect, everyone needs to play their part in these elections.”

Importance of Elections for Nature, Women and Youth – “The victory of the Green Left Party means the victory of women”

“There is a terrible ecological destruction happening in Kurdistan. This is part of the genocidal war. There is also a terrible environmental destruction in Turkey as a result of the plunder and profit policies. The Green Left Party has caused great excitement among ecologist organizations as well. Indeed, if the world we live in is destroyed, the struggle for democracy and freedom will have no meaning. Therefore, the Green Left Party has been met with great interest. This is very important. I believe that the Labor and Freedom Alliance and the Green Left Party will be the winners of this election. The forces for democracy and freedom will be the winners of this election. The fascist dictatorship will be made history on May 14.”

There is nothing left that this fascist government has not done to women. The power and the state system itself are hostile towards women. This is an anti-woman system, an anti-society system. But during the 21 years of AKP rule and especially during the last 8 years of fascist AKP-MHP rule, violence against women has increased at least 3-4 times. Feminicides have increased horribly. Violence has infected all areas of life. The sexist culture has intensified terribly. This is the main reason why violence against women has increased so much. The AKP-MHP have made men misogynists everywhere. Not only that, they closed down all women’s institutions. They attacked the co-chair system of equal representation. Many co-chairs are now in prison. They abrogated the Istanbul Convention. They have even made the law against violence a matter of negotiations with the Hüda Par and the Welfare Party again. Most probably they have made concessions with regards to this issue. They abolished all laws in favor of women within the legal system of the nation state. This is a misogynist government. It has eliminated all the gains of women. If this government remains in power, these policies of feminicide will continue and intensify. Institutionalizing a slave society based on slave women and a fascist, genocidal, dictatorial system based on a slave society means the complete destruction of women. Therefore, women need to take a strong stance against this fascist government in this election. Any woman who has a little bit of female sensitivity, who wants women’s freedom and who fights for her own freedom must not cast her vote for the fascist AKP-MHP government. The Green Left Party is a women’s party. So is its program, its understanding of politics and its candidate list. It stands for equal representation. In 34 places, there are women who will definitely be elected. The Green Left Party is a women’s freedom party. All women should vote for the Green Left Party. The victory of the Green Left Party means the victory of women. Women’s victory means the democratization of politics. Because women are the main subject of democratization in politics.”

“It is a similar situation when it comes to young people. The Green Left Party is a youth party. It has a strong youth representation. Its politics and understanding promise a free and democratic future for the youth. The AKP-MHP fascist government offers a dark future to the youth. The National Alliance does not offer a serious future for the youth either. In this sense, the youth needs to mobilize for the Green Left Party to win. The victory of this party will be very important for the youth. Therefore, I call on young people to participate strongly in the upcoming elections, to vote for the Green Left Party and to play a very strong role in ensuring ballot box security.”

Role of Alevis in Turkey’s Elections- “I call on all Alevis to vote for the Green Left Party”

“The AKP-MHP fascist government has heavily persecuted Alevis. Alevis are being subjected to a comprehensive destruction of their faith. Heavy assimilation is happening everywhere. This is a genocide against Alevis. Dersim is the center of Kurdish Alevis. The fascist Turkish state committed a great genocide there. During the period of the current government, the genocide against Alevis has continued with a thousand and one methods. Alevis are being displaced and the demography is being changed. We saw this after February 6, during the earthquake centered in Kurdistan, Elbistan and Pazarcık. Genocide is being carried out and migration is increasing. There was an earthquake but no one went to the affected areas for the first 2-3 days. The state did this consciously. Alevis will ask for revenge for this in the upcoming elections. The Green Left Party and the Labor and Freedom Alliance are the ones who most strongly defend the rights of Alevis. In the Green Left Party, Alevis are represented well. This party will carry the Alevi problem to the parliament in a strong way. Therefore, I would like to call on all Alevis to vote for the Green Left Party. All Alevis need to definitely go to the polls.”

“The Dersim genocide is still ongoing. The cultural genocide and assimilation in Dersim have continued and increased a lot during the time of this fascist regime. The cultural genocide in Dersim, as well as the religious genocide against the Alevi faith, continue to increase. All this has intensified a lot during the time of the current government. At the same time, terrible attacks on Dersim’s nature are happening. The geography of Dersim is sacred to all Kurdish Alevis. But the fascist regime has destroyed this geography. Mines have been opened everywhere. Countless dams have been built there. Thus, they are trying to destroy Dersim. Against all this, I call on all the people of Dersim to stand up for Dersim. The way to do this is to overthrow the fascist, genocidal regime. I would like to therefore call on the people of Dersim to vote for the Green Left Party candidates in this election. Everyone, absolutely everyone, must go to the polls. In this sense, the people of Dersim have a very important role to play.”