As part of our efforts to keep the international public informed about the war of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people, we would like to share the most important events of the recent week with you:

  • Turkish air strikes have once again hit the Ezidi region of Sinjar in South Kurdistan (North Iraq). As a result of the attack on the village of Barê on September 2, 2021 one person was injured.
  • Only a few hours after the bombardment of Sinjar, Turkey attacked the Maxmur refugee camp in South Kurdistan. On September 3, 2021 at 8.20 a.m., a drone strike hit a house in the refugee camp wounding one woman.
  • The resistance of the guerrilla against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state continues in North Kurdistan (southeast Turkey). On September 2, the HPG (People`s Defense Forces) published information on an attack carried out by the HPG on Turkish forces in the vicinity of the village of Navrê located in the Tendurek area of the Ağrı region`s Doğubayazıt. As a result, ten Turkish soldiers were killed, including two special sergeants.
  • The Turkish state continues to use chemical weapons as part of its occupation attack on South Kurdistan that started on April 24, 2021. On September 3, the Turkish army attacked guerrilla positions in the Avaşîn region with chemical weapons 14 times. On September 4, three civilian inhabitants of the village of Hirure (region of Berwarî Bala in Duhok) were hospitalized with shortness of breath, redness in their eyes and irregular heartbeat after Turkish war planes bombed their village with chemical weapons. There are also reports that on June 16 the Turkish army tried to burn guerrilla fighters by pouring gas into their tunnels in the Avaşîn region.
  • On September 4, the HPG reported that seven of its members had been killed in an ambush by KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) forces in the Xelifan region.

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05 September 2021

KCK Press Office
twitter: @KckUnion