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This year’s Newroz was celebrated by millions of people in all four parts of Kurdistan – especially in North Kurdistan – and abroad. By doing so, they showed their solidarity with Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and clearly announced that they will resist and fight against AKP-MHP fascism again this year. Newroz 2022 has made clear to the whole world that the struggle for freedom that has been going on for 50 years has created a resistant people that insists on its freedom and remains attached to its values under all circumstances. The great Newroz celebrations of our people also exert a significant influence on all progressive people of the world. At the same time, in the past few days, information has come to light that AKP-MHP fascism has made the decision to carry out new massacres and occupation operations. Because it is not able to tolerate the impressive Newroz celebrations of our people.

The fascist Turkish state has been carrying out military operations against our movement since 1982 and launched a big invasion at the beginning of 2021, first in Gare and then in other areas in South Kurdistan. The occupation of South Kurdistan was prevented by the guerrillas at great sacrifice. They performed great heroic deeds in this course in [the South Kurdish areas of] Garê, Werxelê, Mamreşo, Zendûra and Girê Sor. While our martyrs resisted courageously until the last moment, the KDP cooperated with the Turkish state and supported the invasion. Through the information it provided and provocations it instigated in the guerrilla area, it prevented the complete defeat of the Turkish occupiers.

For days, the South Kurdish media has been debating a new invasion by the Turkish army and a corresponding agreement with the KDP. According to these reports, this year’s occupation operation is to begin with the direct participation of the KDP. It is reported that the KDP wants the Peshmerga to fight against the guerrillas. We have been receiving similar information for a while, and we have repeatedly made this public. But recent media reports show clearly that the KDP has nevertheless not backed down from its decision to participate in the Turkish state’s occupation operation and that it is currently making preparations for war.

We have information that the Turkish state is planning attacks against the Peshmerga and our people in South Kurdistan in order to blame them on the guerrillas. According to this, within the framework of special warfare, the Kurdish public is to be turned against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla with the help of fabricated false reports. If this is not enough, according to current information, attacks will be carried out on the Peshmerga and our South Kurdish people and the guerrillas will be held responsible. Based on recently spread false reports on provocative websites close to the KDP, it is clear that the preparation of the basis for such attacks and their legitimization has already begun. In addition, the media also report massive deployments of KDP special forces to areas that have been controlled by the guerrillas for twenty years. The deployment of heavily armed special forces of the KDP in the guerrilla area is a highly dangerous contribution to the Turkish occupation attempts.

As we have done several times before, we call again on the KDP not to participate in this dirty war of occupation of the Turkish state and not to be instrumentalized by AKP/MHP fascism. Participating in this dirty war against the Kurdish guerrillas alongside the Turkish occupation forces would be a heavy blow against all democratic achievements in Kurdistan. If the KDP participates in an attack on the guerrilla areas on the Turkish side, it would equally be an attack on the status and achievements of South Kurdistan, which would cause great damage. The KDP should not participate in this dirty occupation plan because this would constitute a disaster for our people and our nation. Therefore, we call on the parliament of South Kurdistan, political parties, civil society organizations, authorities and the public to oppose the occupation plans and warn the KDP accordingly. Therefore, we hereby wish to inform our people about this plan which would be a huge disaster for our entire country. In addition, we would like to call on everyone to oppose the KDP’s participation in this dirty plan.

26 March 2022

KCK Foreign Relations Committee