Originally published: https://kck-info.com/statement-aug1323/

With the regaining of power by the AKP-MHP, the attacks of the genocidal colonialist Turkish state against the Kurdish people and the forces of the Kurdish Freedom Movement have increased. In the last weeks, many of our people have fallen martyrs both in Rojava [West Kurdistan] and Southern Kurdistan. We strongly condemn these attacks and massacres carried out by the genocidal colonialist Turkish state. We would like to express our condolences to the families of the martyrs who have lost their lives in these attacks and our condolences to the people of Kurdistan.

Some patriots and democratic organizations are reacting to these attacks and massacres carried out by the Turkish state. But the states and international organizations, especially who are responsible, remain silent. This attitude of the states and their responsible institutions is unacceptable. The genocidal colonialist Turkish state has been carrying out attacks and massacres everywhere without knowing any borders, without respecting the law and with the motive of enmity against the Kurds. Only in the last week, some people have been massacred again in South Kurdistan in drone attacks. However, neither the government of Southern Kurdistan nor the Iraqi state has shown any reaction against this. Both have to react to these attacks and prevent them in the future. The lack of any reaction to the circumstances means to be a partner of the attacks and massacres of the Turkish state. This is especially true for the government and politics of Kurdistan. How can those who do not react to the massacre and killing of Kurds claim to be Kurds and represent the Kurdish people? This is an unacceptable attitude. Kurdish organizations and parties as well as the government of South Kurdistan are responsible for this situation. They have to act and take a stand.

As previously pointed out, foreign states and international organizations do not show any reaction against these attacks of the Turkish occupation state. While the genocidal colonialist Turkish state is attacking everywhere, especially in Rojava and Southern Kurdistan, and massacring Kurds every day, these states are ruthlessly entering into all kinds of political and economic relations of interest with the Turkish state. It is not possible to subject the Kurdish people to such treatment and hope that they will accept it in silence. We once again call upon the states and international organizations to abandon this attitude that denies the existence and values of the Kurdish people. Do not be further a partner in the attacks and massacres of the Turkish state. Take a stand against this.

Some tend to imply that the attacks of the genocidal colonialist Turkish state are attacks against the PKK. This is a deliberate attempt to distort the facts. The recent attacks in South Kurdistan have shown once again that the Turkish state is targeting all Kurds and its aim is to eliminate their existence. Against this, patriots, democratic institutions, intellectuals and artists have to take a strong stand and put political pressure on those responsible and hold them accountable. The Kurdish people and their international friends should also express their reactions everywhere and protest against the silence of states and international institutions in the face of the attacks and massacres of the Turkish state and show that this is unacceptable.

KCK Executive Council