Dear all,
for three months, the Turkish army together with Islamist mercenaries has been attacking South Kurdistan (North Iraq). Here are the most important developments of the last days:

  • The HPG (People`s Defense Forces) has published its three-months balance sheet on the fighting since April 23: 494 Turkish soldiers have been killed and 62 more wounded. The guerrilla has carried out 398 attacks on the Turkish occupying forces, including 39 air attacks. 63 guerrilla fighters have fallen martyr. The Turkish army has used chemical weapons 67 times against guerrilla positions. 50 of these attacks have occurred since June 23 alone.
  • On July 24, the HPG published a statement on renewed provocations by KDP forces in the Metina region. In the morning hours of July 24, KDP forces had attacked guerrilla positions in the Girê Çarçel area which resulted in a short fire fight. This attack was supported by Turkish air planes and drones.
  • The HPG has published videos of its attacks on the Turkish occupying forces in South Kurdistan in recent weeks. The videos show attacks in the Werxelê area of Avasin region and the Zendura area of Metina region.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Azad Serdar

KCK Press Office
twitter: @KckUnion