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The patriarchal mentality of the complicity of the AKP-DAESH is the most atrocious figure of “feminicide”

The Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E), the International Representation of Kurdish Women Movement (IRKWM), the Office of Kurdish Women for Peace CENI, the Womens Centre UTAMARA, the International Free Women’s Foundation (IFWF), Roj Women, the Hêlîn Foundation as well as the local women’s councils condemn the execution of Kevser Eltruk (Ekin VAN), who was a YJA STAR Kurdish fighter, killed by torture by Turkish soldiers and exposed naked in public in an inhumane manner in the very middle of the town of Varto in Kurdistan, Turkey. The shame and dishonour of this event will go down in history.

In the name of the reigning sultanate, the AKP mentality sends humanity on the road to death, making this dirty way continue.  Their only goal: weaken the resistance of Kurdish women. Kevser Elturk is the symbol of the Kurdish women’s resistance.  Every woman demands justice in the face of this horrible act.

During every war known to history, women have always been used as “spoils of war”, today in Iraq they continue to be sold in the sex trade. The images of Kurdish women, dragged along the floor by Turkish army tanks, their bodies exposed naked in state media, are again in today’s / current history.

The conservative, patriarchal mentality does not manage to understand the ideology of the liberation of women that, today, is a homage to the values of humanity. These atrocities inflicted on Kevser Elturk represent the masculine mentality of the 90s that reappear today.

The lack of ethics and the dishonour remains because of the complicity of DAESH and AKP.

This rape mentality inflicted upon Ekin Van is the engagement of an indefinite war with regard to the legitimate right of defence of Kurdish women who, today, become the hope of women around the world.

Through the Kurdish Women’s Movement and other Kurdish women’s associations, we support and we come together for the declaration of the KJA (Free Women’s Congress) and denounce this unconscionable politique and inhumanity committed on women by the AKP police.

Consequently, we are going to defeat the AKP mentality just like the YPG fighters have knocked down the DAESH sultanate.

We are launching an appeal to public opinion, to human rights organisations, to feminists, to every person aware of this situation, to be united for our cause and join us in our fight against this dirty war, the killing of women by the AKP!

Let us go down in history, building a confederal, democratic system reinforcing our means of prevention against patriarchal mentalities.

Paris, 19 Aug 2015


Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E)
International Representation of Kurdish Women Movement (IRKWM)
Office of Kurdish Women for Peace CENI
Womens Centre UTAMARA
International Free Women’s Foundation (IFWF)
Roj Women
Hêlîn Foundation
local women’s councils