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Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek delivered an online guest lecture entitled “Is Democracy Still an Option Today?” at Kobanê University on 18 April 2021. The lecture is part of a series of academic events planned at the university in Rojava this year.

Watch the lecture here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTSta58iII8

Promoting Zizek’s guest lecture the University said: Mark Twain said, ‘If elections had any meaning, we would not be allowed to hold them.’ Although he was an advocate for the suffrage for all, he was well aware of the machinations they were making Prevent majority from expressing their will. Seldom, but from time to time, there are elections that matter, like the last presidential election in Bolivia that brought Morales’ party back to power. Although these elections are the only ones that deserve to be called “democratic”, they are seen as a sign of instability, an indication that democracy is in danger. What kind of democracy fits into today’s times, when protests articulate an experience that cannot be translated into the terms of democratic representation?”

The event with Slavoj Zizek is organized by Kurdish anthropologist Dr. Sardar Saadi and was moderated by sociologist Dr. Engin Sustam.