Interview covering  the characteristics of the Turkish state`s genocidal policy, the global history of genocides and ways for the peoples of the world to defend themselves against the systematic annihilation of their cultures and languages.

    In the interview, Elif Ronahi, explains why the KCK calls Turkey`s
    policy against the Kurdish people a genocide and how this policy is part
    of a global systematic destruction of languages and cultures: “Why
    should we not live a common life with all the different peoples in the
    four parts of Kurdistan on the basis of the Democratic Nation? Surely
    all of them can preserve their own existence, identity, freedom, culture
    and language and at the same time meet on the basis of a common
    denominator. The Kurds want to live together with all other peoples
    within the framework of a democratic-confederal system in the countries
    they live in. But why does this encounter rejection? Because Kurdistan
    has very rich natural resources and the region is geostrategically very
    important, recognizing the Kurdish existence would mean for the
    hegemonic and regional powers to lose access to all that. Therefore, the
    hegemonic powers want to continue the genocide against the Kurdish
    people. And the directly involved countries in the region are also
    interested in the annihilation of the Kurdish people for this reason.”
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