Dear all,
    we have just published a new interview with Duran Kalkan, member of the
    KCK Executive Council, about the continued international efforts to
    bring an end to Abdullah Öcalan´s isolation, the most recent
    developments regarding Turkey´s attacks on South Kurdistan, the latest
    attacks of the Iraqi army on Şengal [Sinjar] and the importance of
    increased international protest against Turkey´s war policy.

    In the interview, Duran Kalkan draws attention to the support of
    Germany, England and the USA for Turkey´s war policy: “Germany, the USA
    and England seek to receive gas from the region and thus allow for a
    comfortable life in their countries. That is why they make the AKP and
    KDP attack the PKK thus paving the way for the current developments. It
    is important for everybody to recognize this. Yes, the PKK continues to
    resist. But if the PKK is ever crushed, the Kurdish genocide will be
    completed and then it will be the turn of all other Kurdish
    organizations. There will simply be no more Kurdish organizations left.
    Today, all the responsibility for the existence and freedom of the
    Kurdish people lies on the shoulders of the PKK. Therefore, if the PKK
    is crushed, the Kurdish genocide will be completed. After that, it will
    be the turn of the Arabs and other nations. This ongoing phase started
    on August 26, 2016 when the Turkish army crossed the border and occupied
    Cerablus [in North Syria]. At the same time, on that very same day, the
    Turkish army also started an attack on the Medya Defense Zones from [the
    North Kurdish area of] Çelê. On that day, when AKP-MHP fascism and the
    Turkish army crossed the border into Iraq and Syria thus starting their
    occupation attack, US Vice President Joe Biden was in Ankara, just like
    the KDP Party Chairman Mesut Barzani.”
    You can find the interview here:
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    Azad Serdar
    KCK Press Office
    Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK)
    twitter: @KCK_Kurdistan_