Dear all,
    we have just published an exclusive interview with Cemil Bayik, KCK
    co-Chair, about the latest developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East
    and the world, including Turkey´s occupation attacks on South Kurdistan,
    NATO´s support for these attacks, the KDP´s collaboration with Turkey,
    the importance of the resistance against Turkish fascism, Iraq´s attacks
    on Sinjar, the ongoing isolation of Abdullah Öcalan, and the situation
    in Turkey´s prisons.

    In the interview, Cemil Bayik draws a clear connection between the war
    in Ukraine and the NATO support for Turkey´s new occupation attacks on
    South Kurdistan: “Because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, these
    forces now want to cut off Russian gas supplies to Europe and instead
    supply Europe with gas from the Middle East. This gas pipeline passes
    through Kurdistan. Therefore, the goal of these forces is to control
    this corridor. This is why they want to destroy the PKK and silence the
    Kurdish people. They think that by doing so, they will be able to easily
    transfer Middle Eastern gas to Europe. But they are wrong. Everybody who
    takes a hostile stance against the PKK and the Kurdish people pursues a
    wrong plan.”
    You can read the interview here:
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