Monday 3rd December , 10h30,  International Press Centre, Maelbeek Room

Résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi n.155, 1040 Brussels  (B)

Launch of the International Peace Initiative and call from  Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for the Resumption of Dialogue on the Kurdish question in  Turkey
The  Secretariat of the IPI invites you attend a press  conference to launch The International  Peace Initiative on Monday  3rd December 2012 @10h30 at the Residence Palace in  Brussels.

This  initiative is launched with the support of Archbishop  Emeritus Desmond Tutu. To mark the occasion, he and a list of eminent  signatories including Nobel Peace Prize recipients and former heads of state  and of government from the United States, Europe and Asia, including East  Timor and Tibet, have issued a joint call for a Resumption of Dialogue  between Turkey and the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, for a  lasting and peaceful settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey. This statement  will be read out and distributed at the press  conference.

The  launch of the International Peace  Initiative coincides with the more than 700 Kurdish prisoners ending their  hunger strike. This followed a call made to them by the PKK leader Öcalan from  his prison on İmrali Island. Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin told reporters in  Ankara recently that, “Talks would be  held with the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK).” Turkish Prime Minister Recep  Tayyip Erdoğan hinted at talks with the PKK leader Öcalan, admitting that the  Kurdish leader’s call has been effective in the ending of the hunger strike by  political prisoners in Turkey’s prison.

The International Peace Initiative  has been formed in response to statement of Archbishop Tutu: “That it is for this reason that we call  on the parties to take the necessary steps to restart the talks in good faith  with the aim of giving democracy and peace a new chance for the sake of all  the people of Turkey.”

The object of the International  Peace Initiative is to appeal to the international community to support the  call of Archbishop Tutu for the Resumption of Dialogue by placing the  issue on the international agenda; assisting the parties to gain trust and  respect and negotiating a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey.  It will not only bring peace and stability to those who live in Turkey but  also to the wider region.

Contact Details:
Anna Irvin, Co-ordinator, Secretariat of IPI < > +44 207 193 0832