The case of Ragip Zarakolu, the prominent writer and publisher who was arrested by Turkish authorities on 28 October, has caused much outcry both nationally and internationally, with International PEN, the International Association of Publishers and the Writers in Prison campaign fighting for his release. Now, Reporters without Borders (RSF) and Swedish PEN have also shown their support and have issued statements on the arrests. And in addition, a solidarity commission has been established in Turkey, which includes members of Turkish PEN, the Association of Turkish Publishers, and the Writers’ Trade Union of Turkey.

Turkey: At the forefront of imprisoning journalists until further notice / Dicle News Agency
“In some countries, just using this computer could land you in prison” said Reporters Without Borders (RSF) as a slogan for the campaign against violation of expression rights in Turkey.

PEN Sweden ask to release Erbey and Zarakolu / ANF News
The Swedish PEN has released a new press release calling on the Turkish authorities to release writer and lawyer Muhrarrem Erbey (in prison since December 2009) and writer and publisher Ragip Zarakolu.

A committee in solidarity with Ragip Zarakolu set up in Turkey / Dialog
Mrs. Sennur Baybuga, lawyer of Publisher Ragip Zarakolu under arrest, has sent the following communiqué:
‘You know that, for a long time, we have been contemplating a working team to canalize any activities, campaigns, visits and so on concerning Rag?p Zarakolu’s arrestment from a single center in Turkey. In this connection, the Association of Turkish Publishers, the Writers’ Trade Union of Turkey and Turkey PEN have been negotiated.’