Whenever we feel that we need a comrade outside of Kurdistan, we still look for Judge Essa Moosa. While he left us one year ago today, because of his incredible strength that we had the honor of witnessing and benefitting from over the last 20 years, we feel he is still with us, guiding us and working with us toward common goals. A native of Cape Town, South Africa, and one of the country’s most accomplished jurists, Judge Moosa was also a leading international figure in the fight for justice in Kurdistan.  Judge Moosa was leader in the successful struggle against apartheid in South Africa and a pioneer in the establishment of a democratic nation for all citizens regardless of race following the end of apartheid, and he dedicated his life to social justice and looked to partake in other battles for justice far beyond the borders of his homeland.

Judge Moosa worked tirelessly on behalf of the Kurdish people, and, as a founding member and chairperson of the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG), he was a leading figure in South Africa in the struggle for peace in Kurdistan and the release of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. He was a man of justice, and his goal was to help bring about a just world for all of the oppressed people. He was a wise man and, from his own experience, he knew the mindset of the oppressor and their methods of exploitation, pillage, and destruction.

Judge Moosa believed in peace in the Middle East and, early on, he realised the importance of the Kurdish people long before their persecution by various oppressors and their unyielding resistance captured the attention of the international community.  By seeing the intelligence, farsightedness, courage and wisdom of Kurds and particularly that of Abdullah Öcalan, he became a lifelong friend of the Kurdish people and an unforgettable part of the Kurdish struggle for freedom, justice and peace.  We will always remember Judge Moosa as a supporter, partner and friend, and continue to take strength from his memory.  One year after his passing, we once again acknowledge his unique and irreplaceable contribution to our struggle, and we vow to keep his spirit alive in through our ongoing battle for peace and social justice.

Nilüfer Koc – Rebwar Rashid
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