3 March 2023|ANF English

Besê Hozat said that spreading the democratic nation paradigm will help the international struggle for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Democratic confederal system provides a solution to current crisis

“The 25th anniversary of the conspiracy has coincided [to kidnap PKK co-founder and co-leader Abdullah Öcalan] with a major earthquake. This has naturally affected the plans to protest against the conspiracy. There was going to be a big protest in Turkey, in North Kurdistan, a demonstration towards Gemlik. But this protest had to be postponed. The planned protests in Europe were also affected. But at the same time, especially in Rojava and in North and East Syria, huge protests took place. There have been very serious protests in North Kurdistan for several months, not just limited to February. There are ideological, political and diplomatic efforts against the conspiracy. In this context, there is a struggle in Kurdistan and abroad. Huge protests have also taken place in Europe and South Kurdistan [North Iraq]. I salute all these protests of our people. Of course, our international friends have also made very serious efforts in this regard. They have really contributed a great deal and worked very hard to put the isolation and the physical freedom of Leader Apo on the international agenda. As the ideas of the Leadership [Abdullah Öcalan] and his paradigm spread, the effects of this in the region and the world are becoming stronger.

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