12.10.2019 (edited for clarity)
9 – 12 October 2019

Civilian casualties since the 9th of October– the start of the Turkish invasion- recorded by KRC team

Dead: 7, between the age of 22-71, male and female, in Kobane, Ras Al Ain, Qamishli, Derek, M4


Injured and shocked: 8, between the age of 11-40, male and female, in Qamishli, Ras Al Ain, Derek.


Date Casualties Type of injury Place of residence Age Gender name
2019/10/9 Wound in shoulder Qamishlo 23 Male Hamid Riyad 1
2019/10/9 Bomb peace in


Keyl Hasnak     18 Female Rojin Mohammad


2019/10/9 Wound and bomb peace in arm Chel Agha 24 Male Ahmad Othman 3
2019/10/9 Bomb peace in


Chel Agha 32 Male Alih ALhassafi Saeed 4
2019/10/9 Multiple bomb


Serekaniye 20 Male Basel Moudar ALhamdal 5
2019/10/9 Bomb pieces Western neighborhood in Qamishlo 28 Male Yousef Mohammad Alih Anz 6
2019/10/9 bomb peace in


Qamishlo 16 Female Turkiya Hajji 7
2019/10/9 Injury In head Qamishlo 15 Male Abdulghani delf 8
2019/10/9 Bomb peace in


Qamishlo 37 Male Majid Hamo 9
2019/10/9 bomb peace in the behind section of thigh Qamishlo       50 Male Jamil Hamo 10
2019/10/9 Bomb peace in


Qamishlo       10 Male Hussien Hamo 11


2019/10/9 bomb peace in the behind section of theigh Qamishlo 17 Male Abdulghani Hamo 12
2019/10/9 bomb peace in


Qamishlo 30 Femalt Juliet Yaqoub Nicola 13
2019/10/9 Bomb peaces in belly and back Qamishlo 32 Male Fadi Sabri Habsono 14
2019/10/9 Martyred Matlaka village/Gire sipi Male Mohammad

Haj Qadur Ismael

2019/10/9 Mrtyred Matlaka

village/Gire sipi

Female Rabiea Ismael 16
2019/10/9 Martyred Qamishlo Male Akram yousef 17
2019/10/9 Western neighborhood /


32 Male Dalil Mousa 18
2019/10/9 Bomb peaces in body Serekaniye 19 Male Basel Matar Mohammad 19
2019/10/9 Bomb peaces and

neck injury

Derbasiye 25 Malee Yehya Ibrahim


2019/10/9 Ashmia village/ Kobani Male Ahmad Khodr Dandar 21
2019/10/9 Beshioukh village Kobani Male Mohammad Ahmad


2019/10/9 Ashmia village

/ Kobani

Male Shahin Omar Kersh 23
2019/10/10 Multiple bomb


Tabqa Male Ali Moustafa Moustafa 24
2019/10/10 Martyred Serekaniye 18 Male Ammar abdu Altaym 25
2019/10/10 Martyred Serekaniye 24 Male Ahmad Mohammad


2019/10/10 Martyred Serekaniye 19 Male Bashshar Ahmad Sanjar 27
2019/10/10 Martyred Serekaniye 21 Male Ahmad Jasem




2019/10/10 Martyred Serekaniye 18 Male Ezzeldeen Abdulaziz


2019/10/10 Gun shot in humerus Serekaniye 39 Male Ibrahim Ali 30
2019/10/10 Abdomen


Serekaniye 35 Male Abdulaziz


2019/10/10 Martyred Head shot Serekaniye 55 Male Khalaf Aboud Alkhaled 32
2019/10/10 Bomb peace in


Qedurbeck / Qamishlo 16 Male Abdulghani Bashir 33
2019/10/10 Leg broken Qamishlo 30 Male Dalil Abdulhalim 34
2019/10/10 Opened


Qamishlo 30 Male Serdar Yousef 35
2019/10/10 Bomb peace in arm Qamishlo 39 Male Ibrahim Mamdouh 36
2019/10/10 Arm broken Qamishlo 38 Male Bahoz Saeed 37
2019/10/10 Bomb peace in the right shoulder Qamishlo 45 Female Qaymet Mousa 38
2019/10/10 martyrdom Bomb peace in the


Qedurbeck / Qamishlo 73 Female Amina Mardini 39
2019/10/10 Himo / Qamishlo 19 Male Mahmoud Ahmad


2019/10/10 Terbesipiye 40 Male Hamed Hawas 41
2019/10/10 Opened abdomen Qamishlo /

swes canal neighborhood

35 female Jankin

Ahmad Mourad

2019/10/10 Chel Agha 28 Male Abdulkarim


2019/10/10 martyrdom Qedurbeck / Qamishlo 11 Male Mohammad Yousef Hussien 44
2019/10/10 Feet


Qedurbeck /


8 female Sarah yousef


10/10/2019 Martyrdom Qedurbeck / Qamishlo Male Ahmad Abu Rana 46
2019/10/10 Left arm fracture /


Serykaniye 37 Male Sozdar Ali Biro 47


2019/10/10 Broken legs and left forearm Serykaniye 60 Male Ramadan Jasim Tuhaini 48
11/10/2019 Martyrdom Kobani 60 Male Eidan Sheikh


11/10/2019 Bomb fragments Qamishlo 15 Male Dilgesh Mahmoud Mohammad 50
11/10/2019 Multiple fragments Qamishlo 26 Male Dalil Abdulmajid


11/10/2019 Fragments Qamishlo 35 Male Bedran Rakan Mahmou 52
11/10/2019 Fragments in the head Tel ziwan \ Terbesipiye 13 Male Daysam Emad


11/10/2019 Wounds in the head Serekaniye 40 Male Majed Mohmmad Sultan Albakr 54
11/10/2019 Wounds in

the head

Serekaniye 50 Male Abdulmajeed


11/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 5 years Male Idrees Seydo 56
11/10/2019 Gun shot in left foot Serekaniye 55 Female Amina Abdu Sheikhi 57
11/10/2019 Fragments

in the back

Serekaniye 64 Male George


11/10/2019 Injury in abdomen

and head

Qamishlo 35 Male Maso’ud Ali Mahdi 59
11/10/2019 Martyrdom Qamishlo 60 Male Hussien Sulieman Ibrahim 60
11/10/2019 Martyrdom 70 Male Hajji Hussien 61
11/10/2019 Fragment in chest \ traumas Serekaniye 55 Male Dakhil Mohammad alHussien 62
11/10/2019 martyrdom Serekaniye 15 Male Qais Alsheikh 63
11/10/2019 Fragment in the back Qamishlo 26 Male Mohammad Ali Othman 64
11/10/2019 Heart


Serekaniye 60 Male Mohammad

Barho Fares

11/10/2019 Tumer in leg Serekaniye 30 Male Ali Mahmoud Hussien 66
11/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 24 Male Mohammad

Khalil Khalaf



11/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 26 Female Fryal Abdulrahman


11/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 20 Male Eyad thaki Hajji 69
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 50 Male Hasan Sulieman


11/10/2019 Leg amputation Qamishlo Male Habib Bashshar Hbbo 71
11/10/2019 martyrdom Kobani 24 Male Watan Amro 72
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 36 Male Fadi Adel Ibrahim 73
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 50 Male Hussien

Ibrahim Kasho

11/10/2019 martyrdom Serekaniye 45 Male Fadel Saleh 75
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo Male Hajji Yaser 76
11/10/2019 martyrdom Himo\Qamishlo 25 Male Jalal Esmat Omar 77
11/10/2019 martyrdom Matin\Kobani Male Maso’ud

Sheikh Hamd

11/10/2019 martyrdom Matin\Kobani Male Eidan Sheikh Jaradeh 79
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 13 Male Mohammad Youcef


11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo Male Hasan Sulieman Ali 81
11/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo Male Sulieman

Abbas Shaker

11/10/2019 Fragments in the left


Qamishlo 45 Male Fadel Taqtaq 83
11/10/2019 Fragment in chest Qamishlo 40 Male Hasan Naser 84
11/10/2019 Broken leg Qamishlo 25 Female Dadvik Naziyan 85
12/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 22 Female Eiman Hajji Sharif 86
12/10/2019 Multiple fragments in both legs and


Serekaniye 26 Male Jamal Sheikh Ali Tarboush 87


12/10/2019 Injury in the head KRC member\ Serekaniye Male Dldar Abdulkarim Dawood 88
12/10/2019 Fragments KRC member \


Male Mahjoub

Sa’ud Hsso

12/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo 24 Male Imam Ibrahim 90
12/10/2019 martyrdom Serekaniye Male Fadel Bozan 91
12/10/2019 martyrdom Qamishlo road

– Raqqa

33 Female Havreen Khalaf 92
12/10/2019 martyrdom Kobani 71 Male Abdulkarim

Haj Khalil

12/10/2019 martyrdom Serekaniye 22 male Mohmmad Abdul samad 94
12/10/2019 Injury in head Serekaniye 11 Male Ammar Abdullah


12/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 20 Female Khaola Mohammad Matar 96
12/10/2019 Shock Serekaniye 20 Female Hanan Sheikh


12/10/2019 Martyred Derek 25 Male Salah Saeed Hamk 98
12/10/2019 Both feet


Derek 26 Male Dani Brno


12/10/2019 Fragment in head Qamishlo 40 Male Nawwaf Shukri Ali 100



11 October:

  • Clashes continued overnight in the western and eastern outskirts of Ras Al Ain Town, with OAG

advances recorded in the industrial area of the town. Conflict activity decreased after 1100hrs



  • In Tell Abiad Sub-District, during the night SDF regained control over Tel Fender and Yasbseh

villages, and OAGs regained control of Yasbseh in the morning. This morning, indirect fire

attacks continued south of Tell Abiad town, mainly in and around Badi and Ein Al-Arus (south

west) and Breighi (south east).


  • Additionally, last night, cross border indirect fire and cross border clashes were recorded

across Quamishli and Al-Malikeyyeh Districts. Following the cross-border exchanged in Al-

Malikeyyeh Sub-District, TAF artillery reinforcement were sent across the border from Hiyaka



In Quamishli city, indirect fire was observed on 4 occasion between onto Qanat Al-Sweis

and western neighbourhoods of the city as well as onto the Asayish training centre of Himo


  • Elsewhere, one artillery strike was recorded onto Samasakh/ Bostan and Zheiriyeh in

Malikeyyeh Sub-District, one onto Tal Khatun in Qahtaniya Sub-District and one indirect fire

occurred north of Mabruka town


  • A car bomb exploded today in Qamishlo in Monir Habib street (one main road of Qamishlo)

and as a result one civilian was killed and 5 were injured in front of one popular restaurant



  • Since the last night all Eindiwar town was evacuated afterwards the civilian houses were

burned by turkish armee/FSA.


  • Mabruka camp (Ras al Ain district) had to evacuate all the IDPs to other camps due to the

threating and targeting from the turkish army and the rebels (FSA).


  • In the late evening conflicts in Alhol camp in the annex which contain ISIS families where

reported by our team. The camp security responded. In the time of writing the tensions are

still ongoing. No casualties reported yet.


  • 5 ISIS fighters could escape from the main prison in Qamishli, after targeting by Turkish forces.

Reported by Asayish (Kurdish police)


IDPs movements:

The total number of the IDPs from the border strip to the south areas since the beginning of the attack:

Red Crescent IDPs








  • There is lack of water in whole area of Hassakeh, due to the targeting the main water station

in Alok, which covers more than 500.000 people. This is also affecting all hospitals in this


  • Electricity and phone network is getting decreasing in general in all the areas, especially in the

border strip.

10 October:

since this morning TAF has removed parts of the border wall near Tal Halaf, Tal Arqam and Aziziyehvillages (All Ras Al Ain, Serekaniye) and TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and OAGs have engaged in clashes with SDF during attempts to advances further inside NES.

Clashes were reported in the three locations mentioned above as well as in Ras Al Ain Town, Western Alok, near Jan Tamer (Yezidian village) and Bir Asheq village (also all in Ras Al Ain sub-district). There has been no territorial changes at the time of writing.

In Ein Issa Sub-district, two airstrikes were recorded against a bridge 3km south of Ein Issa town. Cross border fire and clashes taking place in and around Tell Abiad town have stopped at around 0300hrs with no territorial changes.


  • Sere Kaniye Ras Al Ain (x7)
  • Tell Abiad (x3)
  • Ein Issa sub(x2)
  • Al-Malekkiyeh Derik sub-district (x1)

Indirect Fire Impacts:

  • Tell Abiad sub-district (x9)
  • Ras Al Ain sub-district (x6)
  • Al-Malekkiyeh sub-district (x4)
  • Quamishli city (x4)
  • Jawadiyah sub-district (x3)
  • Amuda sub-district (x2)
  • Ain Al Arab/Kobane (x2)


Heavy clashes were ongoing in Tilebeyd and in the morning while there was a delegation from the tripes going to support SDF from Ein issa to Tilebyed, their convoy was targeted and casualties were reported.


The Kurdish Red Crescent and MSF working in the hospital had then limited access to the area of Tilebeyed, while KRC teams are depending on Trauma stabilization points and ambulances (at least 15 ambulances are involved in the respond so far) while the main hospital to be referred to is still KRC hospital (Shehid Legerin) in Tel Tamr, privat Hasake Hospitals supported by WHO and private Qamishli Hospitals.


Any further event/incidents will be shared in the next update.

Casualties and damages so far:

Current information suggests the following civilian casualties recorded by KRC team until 9pm

10 October 2019

09.10. – from the whole region NES (North East Syria): 20 injuries – between the ages 10-50 (male and female), 3 dead cases – ages unknown at time of writing (male and female). 11 of them just in Qamishlo.

10.10. – from the whole region NES: 16 injuries – between the ages 8-60 (male and female), 8 dead (male and female) – between the ages 11-73 (male and female) 6 from Serekaniye and 2 from Qamishlo. Most injured persons where today in Qamishlo.

The 8 years old girl lost her leg, her brother 11 died.


Between last night and this morning, the following developments took place:

In Ras Al Ain Sub-District, clashes continued over night around the Alok Water Station,

but SDF managed to repel OAGs attempted advances.

9 October 2019

Airstrikes targeted:

  • Sere kaniye (Ras Al Ain) x7
  • Ein Issa x2
  • Tell Abiad x1
  • 1635hrs: indirect fire against Tell Salloush(west Al Munbateh) – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
  • 1640hrs: airstrike onto former CF border post in Tell Fender – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
  • 1650hrs: indirect fire onto Bir Asheq checkpoint – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
  • 1650hrs: two airstrikes against Abu Serraand Hoshan villages (approx. 15km North West of Ein Issa Town) – Ein Issa Sub-District. Six SDF members were reportedly killed.
  • 1700hrs: indirect fire on a military position of the Tell Abiad Military Council (evacuated a week ago) and onto the school in Yabseh village – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
  • 1730hrs: Indirect fire towards Qanat Swiys Neighbourhood of Quamishli City –Quamishli Sub-District.
  • 1730hrs: Mortar rounds and artillery fire onto the outskirts of Mansura village – Al-Malekkiyeh


  • 1740hrs: Indirect Fire onto the outskirts ofEsmailiyeh village – Al-Malekkiyeh Sub-district.
  • 1820hrs: Indirect Fire against Tal Elhasanat and Kherbet Balak villages – Jawadiyah Subdistrict.
  • 1830hrs: TAF removed parts from the wall north of Quamishli City.
  • At night a lot of clashes were happening in TIlebyed and casiualtis from both sided were recorded.

The Kurdish Red Crescent has already declared on 9 Oct 2019:

This targeting is affecting the situation in NES for Local and IDPs in the the 7 main camps in NES, we have already declared in KRC that:

Due to the clashes on the border with Turkey and injuries and casualties, we have been required to reposition our medical and ambulance teams from several camps such as Alhol, Areesha, Ain Issa, Roj and other camps. Unfortunately, this situation may cause a decline in the quality of work in these camps, which contain tens of thousands of refugees and displaced people, but the priorities of the stage requires that we respond first to life-threatening situations.

Most of our partners from humanitarian organizations and other INGOs in the region, for security reasons, have limited access to the camps, which threatens to decrease the service and increase the burden on the camp administrations and security forces guarding certain sectors within these camps such as Al Hol. We will work in the Kurdish Red Crescent in our best efforts to arrange our teams to respond to the emergency situation on the border with Turkey and to continue working with the same quality in the camps.

The hospital in Serekaniye (Ras Al-Ain) is out of services, cases has been referred to Tal Tamr Hospital, Hassakeh Hospital and Ein Issa Hospital.

The hospital of Tilabyed (MSF) is out of the service so the cases were moved to other areas such as Einissa, and Tiltemis.

The hospital of Hasake as all Hasake area have lack of water which create problem to respond, The largest Christian Neighborhood (Bisheriya) in NE Syria is being bombed and some civilian