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Havîn Guneşer: described the “disciplinary penalties” imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan and the ban on meeting his family and lawyers as “burial alive”, and explained that the policy pursued in Imrali is a policy of eradicating.

21 June 2023 | ANHA

Havîn Guneşer: pointed to the lack of success of the various policies pursued against the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and explained that they are seeking to physically surround the leader Ocalan to create Kurdish women who carry out their war and subject the Kurdish people to physical violence.

The spokeswoman for the “International Initiative for Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan and Peace for Kurdistan,” writer Havîn Guneşer, spoke to ANHA’s agency, about the absolute isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the policies pursued against the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and the Kurds.

The practices in Imrali are like being buried alive

At the beginning of her speech, Havîn Guneşer referred to the “disciplinary penalties” imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan and the ban on him meeting with his family and lawyer, describing them as “burial alive.”

Havîn Guneşer explained that they used flimsy pretexts to prevent Imrali from visiting and meeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, as they used to invoke the ship’s malfunctions and bad weather since 2005, to cut off his communication with the outside world from 2018 until now under the pretext of disciplinary sanctions, and she said: “It is possible that they do not allow his comrades the others in Imrali also met him.”

Proposal of the European Court of Human Rights: Let him hope that he will be released, but this will not happen

Havîn Guneşer indicated that the Turkish state is not the only actor in the issue of the imposed isolation in Imrali, but there are other actors besides it, and pointed to Europe’s approval and encouragement of the laws issued in 2005, specifically for the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

And she continued her speech, saying: “They say that the death penalty has been abolished, but we see very well that it has not been abolished, and basically the European Court of Human Rights opposes the aggravated life sentence, due to the lack of a periodic evaluation mechanism, and this is what they call the right of hope; that is, a person can wish exit is expected, but there is no need for that to happen. This is what the decision of the European Court of Human Rights recommends, but Turkey does not establish such a mechanism in spite of that.

And she noted, “Currently, there is a great silence from Europe on this issue, while isolation is very natural for the United States of America and is widespread there, as the aggravated life penalty law prevails in the United States of America.”

Body encircling the leader Abdullah Ocalan and physical violence against the Kurds

The recent policies pursued in Imrali are the policies of smelting and destruction.

She pointed out that the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is from the freedom of the Kurdish people, “The freedom of Mr. Ocalan is linked to our freedom of the Kurdish people, and any other opinion makes us passive and dependent. They seek to keep Mr. Ocalan there and destroy him healthily, and this applies to Kurdish society as well, and we see that it is It is more correct to say that it applies to the whole of Turkey, we have to see very well who benefits from this.

Havîn Guneşer indicated that the imperial powers seek to create Kurds who will carry out their wars in the new Middle East, but the model of leader Abdullah Ocalan prevents this.

She said, “The United States of America seeks to reorganize (restructure) the Middle East, and wants to realize the Turanian and Turkish neo-Ottoman dreams in this restructuring process. It is clear that neither the Turkish state nor America nor any other forces are able to ignore the Kurds. They want to exploit the demand the Kurds are free and independent for their interests, and the biggest obstacle to this is Mr. Ocalan and his ideas, and therefore the Kurdistan Liberation Movement as well.”

They delay under the pretext of the right to hope.”

Havîn Guneşer stated that all crimes committed against the Kurds go unpunished, given the neglect of the Kurds in the global system, and gave Saddam Hussein and ISIS as an example, and said: “They let the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish state go unpunished, and the status of Afrin is known, and the legal situation It is clear to Mr. Ocalan that Mr. Ocalan, the Kurds and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement are one side, but they were left at the mercy of those who ignore them and occupy their land, and instead of a double trial they deal with genocide. In addition to that they postpone under the pretext of the right to hope, what can be resolved with the right of hope, what It will be resolved unless the Kurdish issue is evaluated differently? We will not forget the continuation of the military occupation, political and economic invasion and cultural genocide in Kurdistan.”

A room to subjugate the free Kurds

Havîn Guneşer stated that Turkish and Kurdish racism is being incited as well, but they did not win despite the fierce battle they fought, so they are now seeking to change this approach.

Havîn Guneşer noted that a new room was formed to subjugate the free Kurds, saying: “All the powers of the world say that there is no future for the model of leader Ocalan, so who has a future? Is the Barzani family and organizations such as the Free Dawa Party (Huda-Par)? It can be said that these they are also very racist, but they make nationalism based on the approach of the occupiers seem normal through great media misinformation. This is a room for subjugating the Kurds, especially the free Kurds. This is like the Palestinian movement that they brought to this level, whose stages deserve study. Will they win or not? This is what the struggle will determine. But we have to know that if the struggle is waged and the paradigma is implemented, there will be a great possibility of change.”

Great interest in the paradigm that paves the way to freedom

The spokeswoman for the “International Initiative for Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan and Peace for Kurdistan,” writer Havîn Guneşer, explained that leader Abdullah Ocalan is a great defender of the people and that the model he developed will lead to freedom in the Middle East.

She said, “Other models deepen conflicts financially and morally, cause misery to people, enslave everyone again and impose colonization on them again. Such a process is being developed towards nature, women, peoples and all societies. Therefore, this model and these pleadings are not only for the sake of a new left, it is It applies at the same time to the occupied parties by the various powers. It is also a comprehensive protection for women, so Mr. Ocalan’s model and ideas are of great interest to people and women in particular, and these arguments reinforce their very current resistance.”