8 December 2019|Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Journalist Alaettin Sinayic and former Green Party executive chair Jean Lambert spoke about the upcoming UK general elections, Brexit, and the Turkish invasion and occupation of North East Syria. Lambert explained that the political structure of the UK has contributed to a dysfunctional Brexit policy and negotiations.

Jean Lambert has been an active member of the UK Green Party since 1977 and was Principal Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales from 1992-93 and 1998-99. She was chair of the Green Party Executive in 1994. She has been London’s Green MEP from 1999-2019. Jean has a close working relationship with community groups, NGO’s, trade unions and policy makers across the capital.

By visiting projects, organising and speaking at conferences, responding to public consultations and listening to Londoners’ concerns she has been able to ensure the capitals voice is at the front of European Policy making on key issues ranging from social security and social inclusion to asylum and immigration, from energy and sustainability to human rights and peace. Her special interests include Democracy and Human Rights, Refugee Rights, Anti-discrimination and Social Inclusion and aiding the development of a Green employment strategy.

She has also written a book on Green politics, “No Change? No Chance.” She has supported the Kurdish struggle for human rights and self-determination for over 20 years. She is a patron of Peace in Kurdistan.