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29 October 2015

One year since a mass mobilisation of activists across the world created the largest-ever simultaneous action in solidarity with the Kurdish people, another appeal has inspired activists to once again rally for Kobane on 1st November.

This time, the appeal from the Kobane Reconstruction Board and supported by the EU Turkey Civic Commission and Peace in Kurdistan Campaign was signed by hundreds of individuals and dozens of organisations representing thousands of people. The signatories include Prof. Noam Chomsky, barrister Michael Mansfield QC, renowned Palestinian singer Reem Kelani, and human rights advocate Bianca Jagger, with prominent academics, artists, and activists from places as far flung as Mexico, Denmark, Afghanistan, Catalunya, the Basque country, the US and India all offering their support.

The appeal states: “Pressure therefore needs to be brought on the AKP government in Ankara to take immediate action to let essential medical supplies, food and clothing, to pass through to Kobane”. It also calls for Kobane Canton, as with all self-declared cantons making up the democratic administration of Rojava in northern Syria, to be internationally recognised and provided with support.[1]

To mark the Global Rally for Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane, as the action has been called, events are being held across the world this Sunday. Condemning the continued blockade on Kobane, the events call for a humanitarian corridor to facilitate aid reaching the city, which still faces ISIS attacks and an embargo by Turkey from the north.

As the Kobane Executive Council writes in a statement supporting the day of action, the price of the victory in Kobane has been high, with 70% of the city destroyed. However, the statement continues: “the people’s will, desire and determination to return to their homes and revive their city are very strong, making them the humanity’s frontline against global terrorism.”[2]

In London, a march will take place in Haringey [3] and end at the Kurdish Community Centre for a rally. Actions are also taking place in Nottingham, Leeds and Glasgow and are being organised by a growing group of UK-based solidarity activists working for peace and justice for the Kurdish people.

Aside from the UK, around 400 actions are set to take place across the world on Sunday. Among them are Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao (Spain); Bologna, Rome and Florence (Italy); Sydney and Adelaide (Australia); Brussels (Belgium); Basel, Frankfurt and Bremen (Germany); Marseille (France); Kabul, Jalalabad, and Farah (Afghanistan), to name just a few. There are also actions taking in Pakistan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, the US, Canada, South Africa, Japan and China.


[1] Read the appeal with a full list of signatories here

[2] Executive Board of Kobane Canton calls for international solidarity on 1 November

[3] 1pm gather at the Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, N22, to march to the Kurdish Community Centre (KCC). A rally will take place at the KCC from 2pm with speeches, music and more. Follow the event on Facebook

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