“In the midst of our brutal war against terrorism and extremist forces, with

approaching victory against the terrorist organization known as IS in Tabqa

and Raqqa, the Turkish military used airstrikes to bombard media centers and

safe villages in the Derik region as well as attacking the Shingal region

and targeting the Yazidi people. This has resulted in a number of

casualties, injuries, and the destruction of the media center in Qarachox.

It seems that Erdogan, whom half the people of Turkey stood against in the

last referendum, has begun to take his revenge by blatantly attacking our

people and our forces.  He is attacking our safe regions, freed from the

threat of terror by the will of our people eager for freedom and democracy,

where we stand proudly in contrast to his authoritarian ambitions. He seeks

to obscure his failure through plunging our entire region into internal war.

We strongly condemn this aggression by the Turkish government. We call on

the international community to break its silence and stand against this

regime, which is actively undermining and striking against the great

progress achieved by the forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG and

YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  We call upon the international

coalition to stand strong with us in our common fight against terrorism, and

we affirm that this aggression will not deter us from moving forward to

achieve our goals of democratization while eliminating terrorism and

tyranny.  On the contrary: we will only grow stronger and more united, and

we call on the all the Syrian peoples as well as the Kurdish forces to

remain united in support of all the forces who stand strong in the face of

these Turkish attacks, and continue to defend the security and dignity of

all peoples throughout Rojava.