27 July 2020|The Canary|Eliza Egret

On 21 July, 27-year-old Pınar Gültekin’s body was found in woods in Muğla, south-west Turkey. She had been strangled, and her body was stuffed in a barrel, which was then burned and filled with concrete. Her ex-partner confessed to her murder. Women nationwide took to the streets to protest increasing femicides in Turkey.

Figures released by We Will End Femicide Platform show that at least 474 women were murdered by men in Turkey in 2019. At least 134 were murdered by their husbands, and at least 292 were killed in their own homes.

We Will End Femicide Platform publishes the names of all the women murdered by men in Turkey. There are so many names that they don’t fit onto a large computer screen.