Abdullah Ocalan: Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization, Volume II Capitalism – The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings

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MONDAY 19th June 2017, 6pm

To understand how capitalism has come to engulf our world, we must understand how it developed out of classical civilization. Its historical roots lie in the emergence of hierarchies, power, monopolies and the nation-state, argues Abdullah Ocalan.

Capitalism – The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings is the second book in a new five-volume work called Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization. Together, they present the synthesis of Ocalan’s political thinking. This volume completes his journey through the history of civilizations, preparing the ground for the upcoming volume on The Sociology of Freedom.

Abdullah Ocalan is the founder of the PKK, and a seminal thinker of the Kurdish freedom movement. His ideas, shaped by decades-long research and political struggle, have been a major inspiration for the ongoing revolution in Rojava.


Dr Radha D’Souza is a Reader in Law specializing in International Law & Development, Law in Third World societies and Resource Conflicts in the Third World. She is a social justice and civil liberties activist working in India, UK and internationally. She is the author of the preface to Abdullah Ocalan’s book.

Dilar Dirik is an activist of the Kurdish women’s movement. She is currently working on her PhD at the Sociology Department of the University of Cambridge. She also writes for different media outlets and activist platforms on the Kurdish freedom struggle.

Chaired by Simon Dubbins, International Director of UNITE


MONDAY 19th June 2017, 6pm

The book is published by New Compass Press, Norway: new-compass.net and International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan-Peace in Kurdistan, Germany: Freedom-for-ocalan.com; info@freedom-for-ocalan.com

The book was translated by Havin Guneser; the preface was written by Dr Radha D’Souza. The event is sponsored by FREEDOM FOR OCALAN CAMPAIGN and supported by PEACE IN KURDISTAN & CENTRE FOR KURDISH PROGRESS

Abdullah Ocalan: Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization, Volume II Capitalism – The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings with Dr Radha D’Souza, Dilar Dirik and Simon Dubbins.

At Discus Room, at Unite the union, Unite House, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn , London WC1X 8TN


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