Turkish State carries out a brutal massacre since July 2015 in cities/towns where the People’s Assemblies declared self-governance. Women are targeted by the state specifically no matter where they are −in front of their house, inside home on a breakfast table, in all forms of resistance standing against war or in massive demonstrations. AKP government, the representative of patriarchal mentality, is directly responsible for 89 women massacred in recent period.

Kurdistan is going through a great ferocity; civilian houses and neighborhoods are under attack, even health service personnel are targeted and prevented from reaching wounded people. Dead bodies can’t be buried since neighborhoods are under curfew, while relatives of victims try to protect dead bodies in refrigerators inside their homes. In addition to this, pictures and footage of dead bodies tortured and dragged behind the military vehicles by Turkish security forces are released which shows that all values in reference to ethics and justice are violated.

Taybet İnan, 57 years old, was shot on 19th of December 2015 in Silopi (district of Şırnak province) on the street next to her house. As the ambulances were not allowed to take her body from the street, her brother in-law, Yusuf İnan (40), who tried to help her, was shot to death in the same place, while her husband Halit İnan was also wounded. Whenever her relatives attempted to reach the body of Taybet İnan, reaction of Turkish security forces was gunshot. Her body stayed on the street for 8 days.

Hediye Şen, 30 years old, lost her life on 16th of December 2015 in Cizre (district of Şırnak city) while she was in the garden of her house due to snipers. Since gunfire continued non-stop, nobody could help her for hours. Her body was taken to the hospital morgue after a day.

İsmet Gezici, 55 years old, was shot to death by Turkish snipers on 4th of November 2015 in Silvan (district of Diyarbakır) while she wanted to help her nephew Engin Gezici (24), who was already seriously injured and in need of urgent help on the street. She lost her life as well as her nephew.

Similar to Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, the pioneers of women’s liberation struggle massacred in Paris on 9 January 2013, today, our three female comrades, who were also pioneers of the resistance massacred in Silopi. Sêvê Demir, the Executive Board Member of KJA and the Party Assembly Member of DBP; Pakize Nayir, Co-Chair of People’s Assembly in Silopi and Fatma Uyar, the Member of KJA, were executed on the street by security forces. Our grief and our rage cannot be put into words. We reiterate that we will embrace their memories by raising our struggle.

As of today, we feel like Mirabal Sisters were killed once more in Silopi. Paris massacre happened again in Silopi. Those evil forces can cut thousands of flowers, but they will not be able to keep spring from coming. Last words of Sêvê Demir is our slogan, “We have a great hope, the resistance will prevail”. We call all women over the world to stand against this massacre. None of fascist, racist, despotic powers can intimidate us!

Kongreya Jinen Azad – Free Women Congress

6th January 2016

e-mail: kjadiplomacy@gmail.com