Peace in Kurdistan campaign and Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) has begun a series of initiatives to pressure the French government to release Adem Uzun, a Kurdish peace activist and member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) who was arrested last October in Paris.

Adem Uzun had been a key negotiator for in the Oslo Peace Talks with high level Turkish government representatives. He is well known for his commitment to a negotiated settlement to the Kurdish question in Turkey.

We have designed and printed postcards to be sent to the Justice Minister of France, Christiane Taubira, demanding that they FREE ADEM UZUN. The postcard has a short text on the back (see below) and we are asking people to sign and send them off to her.

If you would like a postcard to send, please write to with your name, address and the number of cards you need, and we will send them out to you.

Free Adem Uzun!Dear Mme Christiane Taubira,

Adem Uzun is a prominent Kurdish peace activist and leading politician with the Kurdistan National Congress, KNK.  Adem is well-known throughout Europe for his political work and supporting a political solution to the Kurdish question, and has been a key Kurdish negotiator in the so-called “Oslo Process” with high-level Turkish Government’s representatives.

Adem’s arrest in Paris on 6 October came as a shock in view of the constructive and positive role that he had been playing in the ongoing search for a peace settlement acceptable to both sides.

Talks between Turkey and Kurdish leaders have since restarted as of early 2013 and we believe that it is essential that Adem Uzun be immediately released to enable him to continue his positive role as a peace negotiator.

His continued imprisonment can only undermine progress in these talks. 

We urge you to free Adem Uzun; drop the charges against him and thereby give peace a chance.

Signed _______________________ Name __________________________