Brussels, European Parliament, 29 June 2017
Interpretation is available in English, French, Kurdish and Turkish
Room: Altiero Spinelli-A3G- 2
Address: Rue Wiertz 60, B-1047 – Bruxelles

This international conference will focus on freedom of thought and of the press and of people’s right to information in Turkey. Members of the International Federation of Journalists, academics, European, Turkish and Kurdish journalists, policy-makers and activists will speak at the conference.

The Turkish State is engaged in a massive assault on freedom of expression within its borders. In the last year, 150 television, radio and daily newspapers have been closed and hundreds of journalists have been imprisoned. According to the Reporters without Borders 2017 press freedom index, Turkey is one of the countries where press freedom is mostly violated, ranking 155th out of 180 countries.

Today Turkey is the world’s largest prison with over 150 imprisoned journalists with hundreds of closed newspapers, magazines, and television stations.

Program: Program Media Conference EP 2017