We are here republishing the final report of the 2022 International Peace Delegation to Imrali, published by the International Initiative ‘Freedom for Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan’. The full report is viewable and downloadable as a pdf below.

Originally published: https://freeocalan.org/news/english/internatinal-peace-delegation-to-imrali-2022

The International İmralı Peace Delegation 2022 conducted a research mission to Turkey to assess Öcalan’s situation after twenty-three years of incarceration between 13-14 February 2022. The delegation consisted of representatives of lawyer’s associations, human rights lawyers, trade unionists, politicians, academics and writers from across Europe.

The press statement that the delegation published immediately after conducting its investigation was already previously published. Click here to read it.

The delegation stated that “European institutions and the UN have long tolerated the Turkish authorities’ violation of its international obligations. We ask for a stronger voice to be immediately raised demanding that Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation to be ended and that the human rights of all political prisoners in Turkey be guaranteed.”

Download the report as a pdf here: https://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022InternationalPeaceDelegationImrali.pdf