We are here republishing a trailer for a the film Simurgh, directed and produced by the film maker Ruhi Karadağ, released in 2011.

The film attempts to document the series of political protests against widespread abuses of human rights by the government of Turkey for years.

Watch the trailer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gMScNth4jEyKoTuz_Cd1qIqetVIzudpy/view

Simurgh is the story of six real characters. In 1996, they were all political prisoners who participated in death fasts in order to protest the F-type cell system in the country’s prisons. They caught the Wernicke Korsakoff illness after 69 days on the death fast,
then they were released due to health problems. They are now trying to cope with speech difficulty, loss of muscle coordination, balance problems, amnesia, and hazy consciousness.

The film has taken more than eleven years to finish. Although it was completed in 2012, ‘Simurgh’ has already been awarded four prizes in three different film festivals in Turkey.

The film was featured at a number of festivals and won numerous award, including:
The 18th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival: (ADANA AUDIENCE AWARD)
The 12th International Izmir Film Festival National Film Feature.
Competition: JURY SPECIAL AWARD and also SIYAD (Cinema Critics Association of Turkey) BEST FILM AWARD. The 31st Istanbul Film Festival, Human Rights Film Competitor: Council
of Europe Film Award (FACE).