The Kobane Canton Executive Board has released this statement calling for all people to take part in this Sunday’s Global Rally for Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane: 

A Call for an International Solidarity Day with Kobani

1 November 2015

Kobani and Rojava have faced numerous military campaigns and attacks since the birth of freedom and justice on their soils on 19 July 2012. Ever since, militant extremists have laid siege to this geographic area that aspires to build a new life and new approach that is open to socio-cultural, religious and ethnic diversity.

However, the will of the people in Rojava and the power of their desire for a new era and new administration were invincible, defeating extremists’ campaigns, which culminated in the Kobani’s humane resistance. This resistance marked the beginning of the end of ISIL’s myth of its ability to control any town or city, and proved to the world that the union between the will of the people and local institutions in a geographic area is sufficient to defeat terrorism, and thus safeguarding humanity and peace.

Nonetheless, the price of this victory has been high and the effects are still visible on our daily lives. Kobani, the capital of resistance, is ruined and 70% of the houses have been destroyed and most its inhabitants have emigrated and scattered to every corner of the world. However, the people’s will, desire and determination to return to their homes and revive their city are very strong, making them the humanity’s frontline against global terrorism. This strong nation, led by their brave forces, People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and despite being under siege without access to medicines and food, following the closure of the only border-crossing with neighbouring Turkey, the people are still resisting ISIL terrorism through a communal cohesion between all components of the Rojava region such as Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Assyrians, and with the support of the international coalition’s air strikes.

The people of Kobani and Rojava were expecting from those who share the same values – the values of peace and justice – to support them with all their powers against terrorism, to assist in re-constructing Kobani and to put pressure on Turkey, through legitimate means, to open a humanitarian corridor. However, the support was confined to promises which are yet to be fulfilled. Therefore, on 1 November 2015, we call upon all nations to stand in solidarity with Kobani and its brave people, who have inspired the world by its victories against the enemies of humanity.

Finally, the greater your support for the people of Rojava and Kobani, the greater the chances for more peace, equality and victories against the enemies of human values in the region and beyond.

The Executive Board of Kobani Canton – Syria