2023 South South Dialogue for Sustainability (SSDS)

Rojava – Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal

Democratic Confederalism and the Changing Face of Revolution


Global University for Sustainability, https://our-global-u.org/oguorg/

The Civil Diplomacy Center in North East Syria, https://nescivildiplomacy.com/

Synergia Co-operative Institute, https://synergiainstitute.org/


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Languages: Kurdish and English with simultaneous interpretation

Vancouver 07:00; Syria 17:00; Hong Kong 22:00


6 July 2023


Lecture-4: Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, civil society and direct democracy in Rojava.



John Restakis (Synergia Co-operative Institute)



Talaat Younis, co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of the Jazira region, and a lecturer at the Academy of Democratic Politics



Ashish Kothari, the co-founder of Global Tapestry of Alternatives, an Indian environmentalist working on development, environment interface, biodiversity policy, and alternatives.