Letter to the President of the European Council 

On the occasion of the meeting of the European Council on 10 and 11 December we sent a letter to the President of the European Council Charles Michel.



Comment on EUCO conclusions regarding Turkey 

The European Council imposed limited sanctions on Turkey in relation to its resumption of oil and gas drilling in EU member states’ territorial waters. Turkey’s further regression into a ‘zero rule of law’ presidential system, its hostage holding of politicians, among them the co-chairs, members of parliament and mayors of the pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party HDP, the full-fledged assault on civil society and independent media remain unmentioned. The European Council is also silent about Turkey’s unlawful occupation and war crimes in Northern Syria. The European Council’s silence about all such issues a flagrant contradiction to the democratic values and the rule of law on which the council says the EU is grounded and encourages Erdogan to continue his destructive path chosen.



Interview with our board member Dersim Dağdeviren on EUCO conclusions regarding Turkey (German)



Statement by EP standing rapporteur for Turkey Nacho Sánchez Amor and the chair of the EU-Turkey parliamentary delegation Sergey Lagodinsky in reaction to the decision in the case of Osman Kavala. 

Contrary to the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights the court in Turkey has ruled for the continued imprisonment of Osman Kavala. The next hearing will be held on February 5, 2021.



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