The EUTCC has released a statement following the election:

8 June, 2015

Press release: for immediate release 


The Turkish people have spoken in an honest and democratic election, so it is now time to implement what they want. All parties must compromise and take some major steps to solve the KURDISH problem in Turkey among others by resuming the peace process between the government and the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. The AKP must take serious steps towards granting Kurdish rights, but also the HDP must not lose its momentum. Many people supported the HDP who normally would not support a pro-KURDISH party. Indeed the HDP has become more than just a pro-Kurdish party. It has become a party for all citizens of Turkey who want a more democratic country which also means supporting legitimate Kurdish rights, but protecting the legitimate rights of the Turkish state and its territorial integrity. If the Turkish parties squander the moment this new opportunity will be lost.

EUTCC appeals to all the Turkish parties to reach agreement on furthering democracy in Turkey which first means meaningful recognition of the Kurdish identity: Decentralization, mother-tongue education, and a more democratic Constitution that guarantees civil liberties of ALL the Turkish people instead of protecting the state from the people.

Kariane Westrheim Michael Gunter
Chair Secretary General

Contact: Kariane Westrheim,, +47 976 42 088