The European Parliament has published a draft of the 2011 Progress report on Turkey, prepared by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the E.P. The report will be discussed in a plenary on 28 March, and then finally adopted on Thursday 29 March, but we have made the draft available for download for you to look at.

The EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) has already responded to the report in a short statement:


10 March 2012

The EUTCC notes with approval the EU Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Resolution on the 2011 Progress Report on Turkey and hopes that it will contribute to Turkey solving its internal problems in a democratic and peaceful manner. The Resolution highlights the positive progresses and criticizes the shortcomings of the country, and further provides recommendations for improvements (AKnews 3.3, 2012).  In particular, the Resolution condemn the recent arrests of Kurdish politicians and human-rights defenders in Turkey and calls for an immediate revision of the Anti-Terror Law (TMY) and the Criminal Code under which thousands of Kurdish politicians and activists have been accused of having connections with alleged terrorist organizations and arrested over the last two years. While praising Turkey’s constructive role in contributing to peace and stability in the Middle East, the Resolution also called for Turkey to promote socio-economic development in its Kurdish region and to insure rights of all Turkish citizens to education in their native language.

The EUTCC urge Turkey to follow up and implement the recommendation for improvements made by the European Parliament.

Kariane Westrheim Michael Gunter Hans Brancheidt Essa Moosa, Judge
Chair of EUTCC Secretary general Board of Directors Board of Directors

Contact: Kariane Westrheim,, +47 976 42 088