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After building wall on the Rojava border in Nusaybin, the Turkish state is now fencing with barbed wire the Turkish-Iraqi border near Roboski village. Building walls and setting barbed wires show the opinion of the Turkish state towards the Kurds. The Kurds are regarded as potentially separatist. These practices show that there have been no changes in the attitude of the AKP towards the Kurds.

Turkey is building walls and installing barbed wire fences in an era when the walls separating peoples are being removed and barbed wires serving the same end are being dismantled throughout the world. Building walls and setting barbed wires have not helped safeguarding any political mentality anywhere. The Turkish government will not be able to sustain its cultural genocide and colonialist system by fencing the borders with barbed wires. The Kurdish People’s organized struggle will surely establish a free and democratic life by surpassing these walls.

Walls and barbed wire fences show the feebleness of the cultural genocide and colonialist system of the Turkish state. The borders drawn by the Lozan Treaty can no longer be kept up, even with the help of military posts. Although a new Lozan plan is intended to be dictated on the Kurds, it will have no chance of success.

The Turkish state is, on the one hand, trying to create expectations and hopes for the settlement of the Kurdish question and, on the other hand, is restoring old military posts and building new posts in the place of old ones rendered useless in the non-conflict environment. Like it hasn’t been enough, they are even building walls and install barbed wires. AKP is seeking a deal with Kurdish People’s Leader, Kurdish Freedom Movement and BDP on the one side, and getting into obscure relationships against the Leadership and the Movement, on the other side. It is carrying out an all-out war against this movement. It is behaving with insincerity. Building military posts, dams, walls and setting barbed wires are instances of this insincerity.

The settlement mind-set will not develop and the settlement process cannot really exist unless there is strong opposition against the walls and barbed wires representing the attitudes of the AKP government. Settlement processes can only succeed through carrying out struggle. Opposing these walls and barbed wires are the struggle issues of the present time.

Setting barbed wire fences in the border at a time when the AKP government was supposed to declare those responsible for the Roboski massacre shows that it doesn’t feel any moral and conscientious responsibility towards the massacre. By setting these wires they indicate that ‘we both kill you and make the world a prison for you’. This reality is enough to show the importance of unravelling the Roboski massacre. Those lacking the necessary mindset and resolution to unravel the Roboski massacre will naturally set barbed wires and build walls. These wires have no significance other than increasing the sufferings of Roboski.

Opposing the walls and ruining them, dismantling the fenced wires and throwing them away have become a matter of honor and decency. These are not just walls on the border; but at the same time, they are the walls and wires set up against the aspirations for a free and democratic life. Without understanding these realities it is impossible to take the right attitude against the walls, hence destroy them. There is no right to a free and democratic life without ruining the walls and dismantling the barbed wires.

Ayşe Gökkan adopted an attitude to destroy the walls, but this attitude was left half-done. Building walls and fences in Nusaybin on the Turkish-Syrian border is an unacceptable act. New walls are also built on the Kobani and Afrin part of the Turkish-Syrian border. There are such attempts in other areas, too. With the approaching of the second anniversary of Roboski massacre, our people should march to the border, prevent the building of walls and destroy the built ones. Advancing a significant freedom and democracy struggle will not be possible unless the border walls are ruined and the set wires dismantled. Therefore, dismantling the walls and wires should be seen as an indispensable part of the freedom and democracy struggle by which the Kurdish people would decisively declare their rejection of the cultural genocide and colonialism enacted by the Lozan Treaty against them.

5 December 2013