Almost 3 weeks have passed since we successfully concluded our conference entitled: Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism. Having spent time digesting the conference, we have come to the conclusion that our time together was a crucial step in reviving our (individual and collective) revolutionary credentials.

We share with you the final declaration and resolutions from our conference – in English, Swahili, French and Portuguese. We trust you will find these in order and that this document will continue to orient us in our Pan African project.

We know that, although resolutions are important, they do not change the world. The evaluation of our conference can, therefore, not be based on these resolutions. Instead, we shall assess the success of our conference based on our ability to, concretely, unify and strengthen our organisations. Bringing dignity to the African content and its people will, of course, remain our final destination.

In Solidarity,
On behalf of PAT Secretariat.


The full final declaration and resolutions of the conference are viewable below, and can be d0wnloaded as a pdf document here: English – Final Declaration and Resolutions

English - Final Declaration and Resolutions