The Kurdish people send their deepest sympathies and solidarity to the British people, all the victims and families of the Manchester attack.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) shares in the grief of the people of Manchester at the brutal slaughter of the 22 innocent young lives and the maiming of many more on Monday night.

On behalf of the Kurdish people, we send our sincerest condolences to all the victims and to their families and friends.

The Kurdish people stand in solidarity with the people of this great city and with people across the UK who are shocked and grief stuck by the terrible and needless slaughter of so many innocent young lives by a suicide bomber who deliberately targeted young concertgoers as they left Manchester Arena.

That this was a direct attack on vulnerable teenagers and children makes the incident especially heinous and ugly. It is a truly despicable act that marks a new low in ISIS-inspired terrorism on the streets of Britain.

Kurds and all the people in and around the Middle East are forced to confront and endure similar horrendous assaults inspired by the same anti-human jihadi ideology of the ISIS death cult.

All right thinking people from all faiths, creeds and ethnicity are united in their grief and outrage at the carnage and killing during what was supposed to be a joyful entertainment for families and youngsters.

This is a cruel attack on innocence. Surely there is no crime is more reprehensible or callous than the murder of children. It is an attack on young people everywhere and on freedom everywhere.

As Kurdish people we know only too well from bitter experience how ISIS terrorism wrecks lives and wreaks havoc on our communities. ISIS can and must be defeated.

The KNK utterly deplores ISIS and stands opposed to everything that it represents. We strongly condemn this latest action claimed by ISIS which is aimed at striking fear in our peoples and setting community against community. ISIS will not and must not succeed.

We must continue to fight together against ISIS where ever they operate, whether this is in Iraq, Syria, in the broader Middle East or in Europe. We need to redouble our efforts to find a common purpose to resist and defeat ISIS once and for all. In unity we will win.?

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