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We extend our condolences to the family of Esa Moosa, the people of South Africa, the Kurdish people, and the whole humanity

The South African revolutionary, the lawyer of Nelson Mandela and Abdullah Ocalan, Mr. Esa Moosa has sadly left us today. His passing away is a massive loss for the people of South Africa, the Kurdish people and the whole progressive establishments. We, as his friend and comrade, are deeply saddened by his loss.

In his whole life, Esa Moosa had persistently stood up against oppression and took part in the revolution of South Africa. For years he had served as the lawyer of Nelson Mandela. As a true revolutionary, he had been active in all fields of the struggle launched against the racist Apartheid regime. Owing to this, he had been targeted by the Apartheid regime arresting and torturing him in various occasions. Despite all this, he never took a step back and at the forefront of the struggle he kept on his revolutionary mission until the triumphant over racism. After the accomplishment of the revolution, he played an important role for the reconstruction and democratisation of South Africa. In parallel to this, he also worked hard to promote the principles of human rights not only in his home country but across the continent and the whole world indeed. One of the great tasks he took upon himself was the promotion of friendship with persecuted persons and oppressed peoples; a mission that enhanced his status to an international character pursuing an international campaign.

One of his internationalist endeavours was that he maintained a close relation with the Kurdish people and their liberationist movement. Shortly after the triumph of the South African Revolution he outstretched for the representatives of the Kurdistan Revolution, establishing a firm cooperating relation with them. He founded the Friendship Group of the Kurdish People and the South African People, heading it until his last day. As a friend of the Kurds, he participated in dozens of conference and seminar conducted on the Kurdish issue. In his home country he organised tens of meeting, seminar, workshop and conference on the Kurdish issue. Another part of his campaign was that after the abduction of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan he became his lawyer. For his freedom, he participated in every initiative, forming groups to visit Kurdistan in various occasions. Via his papers, articles and seminars he wanted to make public Ocalan’s thought and philosophy.

With the passing away of Mr. Esa Moosa, we as the Kurdish people suffer the loss of a friend, a defender, and a comrade. That is why we are saddened and will never forget him. Once again, we extend our condolences to the family of Esa Moosa, the South African people, the Kurdish people and whole humanity. Paying our deepest reverence, we bow down before his memory.

The Executive Council of KNK (the Kurdistan National Congress)