Dear all,
    we have just published a new interview with KCK co-Chair Cemil Bayik
    about the latest developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world.
    In the interview, Bayik talks about the total isolation of Abdullah
    Öcalan as an attempt to prevent his voice from reaching the world, the
    need for international pressure on France to prevent a cover-up of the
    recent Paris massacre, the end of the internal and external support for
    the AKP-MHP government, the heavy social consequences of Turkey´s war in
    Kurdistan and the possibility for Syria to solve its problems with the
    You can find the interview here:
    In case of questions or interview requests, feel free to get in touch.
    Azad Serdar
    KCK Press Office
    Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK)
    twitter: @KCK_Kurdistan_