24 May 2022|Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK)

Parts of a comprehensive interview with the KCK co-Chair Cemil Bayik about the latest developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world.

In the interview, Cemil Bayik talks about Turkey´s isolation policy against Abdullah Öcalan, the death penalty in Turkey´s prisons, the danger of Turkey´s attacks on South Kurdistan for the whole Middle East, the danger of Iraq falling apart, the harm inflicted on the Kurdish People by the KDP´s policy, the recent murder of the Kurdish patriot Mihemed Zekî Çelebî in Süleymaniye, the huge pressure on the HDP in
Turkey, the impact of the war in Ukraine on Kurdistan, the blackmailing of Sweden and Finland by Turkey, the need for a democratic solution in Şengal [Sinjar] and Turkey´s destructive Syria policy.

Read the interview here: https://kck-info.com/interview-may2422-bayik/