The guerrillas are fighting courageously and selflessly against these attacks. This resistance is truly of historic proportions, says KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık.

ANF,  Behdinan, Monday 11 July 2022


KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık made important assessments on the agenda.

In the second part of the interview with ANF, he said that guerrillas “are fighting courageously and selflessly against these attacks. This resistance is truly of historic proportions.”

Since April 17, a fierce war has been going on in the Medya Defense Areas. What is the current situation? Do you have a message for the fighters in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna?

A great war is taking place in the Medya Defense Areas. The AKP/MHP government is a war regime. There is an unwritten law in Turkey: only those who wage war against the Kurdish people can come to power. Anything else is not possible. If a government is unsuccessful in its war against the Kurdish people, it will fall. The AKP-MHP regime is using all the means available to Turkey to fulfil this self-imposed task.

Because if the regime cannot liquidate the PKK and the guerrillas, it cannot complete its genocide either. Then the regime cannot remain in power. On the contrary, it will be held accountable. Its representatives know that very well. That is why Rêber Apo, the PKK, the guerrillas and all free Kurds are being attacked. In this way, the fascist system is to be maintained and Turkey is to be turned into a prison for the Kurdish people, for all other peoples, for intellectuals, artists, socialists and democratic forces.

That is why there are attacks at every level. Ethical principles, the law of war, the constitution and general international law are simply crashed. The regime works day and night to annihilate the PKK and the Kurdish people. Those who do not serve the regime are declared traitors. All the technology made available to Turkey by NATO is used. In addition, chemical weapons, tactical nuclear weapons and thermo-baric bombs are used. Attacks are carried out day and night. All this to achieve victory. Despite all these weapons being used, there is international silence. But that has nothing to do with the strength of the Turkish state. Some states give the Turkish state these weapons for their own interests. They are using the Turkish state and have promised that if it uses these weapons, they will remain silent. Since the Turkish state has received permission to do so, it uses these weapons without restriction.

The media reports that chemical weapons are being used and that explosions are occurring. But nobody knows why these explosions happened. That needs to be clarified. The bombs used by the Turkish state are not ordinary bombs. When they explode, they destroy the caves and kill everything inside. In other words, the Turkish state is not waging a normal war against the guerrillas. International law of war and ethics have long since been thrown overboard by the Turkish state. Prohibited weapons should produce results.

“The guerrilla resistance is huge”

The guerrilla fights courageously and selflessly against these attacks. This resistance is truly of historic proportions. The guerrillas know the aim of the Turkish state. They protect their lives and keep fighting. The guerrillas have no great weapons or capabilities. They fight under the toughest conditions and still deal blow after blow to the enemy.

The occupying Turkish state is at a loss. It hides its losses from the public in Turkey to hide its own weakness. Many soldiers are killed, but this is not mentioned in the media. Because the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government have warned the media not to write about it. If someone does that, they will be eliminated. In this way, what is happening in Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn is hidden. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate and pay my respects to the self-sacrificing fighters of the Kurdish people, the Middle East, in Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn. They fight and fall not only for the Kurdish people and the PKK, but for humanity. I remember with gratitude and respect the friends who fell in this war. They gave their lives in defense of the Kurdish people and humanity. People draw strength from their struggle. They are making history.

The Turkish state is also attacking Maxmur, Shengal and many other areas in South Kurdistan. In Kelar, Ferhad Şiblî, deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, was killed by a Turkish drone. Who is helping the Turkish state with these attacks? What are the reactions of the parties and organizations in Southern Kurdistan?

I honor Ferhad Şiblî and those who have fallen with him. Ferhad Şiblî was a leading figure in the Rojava Revolution. He has done the people of Rojava a great service and dedicated his whole life to the freedom of the Kurdish people. He served the people. He also fought against ISIS. When one speaks of the fact that ISIS has been defeated and weakened militarily, one cannot ignore the work of Hevalê Ferhad. After he fell, countless people from Rojava stood up for him. Not only the Kurdish people, but all peoples living in Northeast Syria identify themselves with Hevalê Ferhad. This proves what a great service he has rendered to these peoples.

“The massacres are carried out by the cooperation between the KDP and MIT”

The Turkish state attacks Bakur, Başûr and Rojava every day. It openly says: Anyone who fights for the freedom of the Kurdish people is my enemy. The Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurdish people. That is why everyone who stands up for the Kurds is attacked. The Turkish state alone did not have the strength to murder Şehîd Ferhad and his friends in Kelar near Sulaymaniyah. Had the KDP and their intelligence agency not given information to MIT, MIT would not have been able to come to Kelar and carry out such a massacre. Our people are very aware of this. The KDP and its secret service, Parastin, are collecting intelligence for MIT in and outside of the Medya Defense Areas. They identify the homes, places, and vehicles where high-responsibility friends stay, and pass this information on to MIT. Based on this information, MIT carries out its assassinations. If KDP and Parastin did not cooperate with the Turkish state, Turkey could not take a single step in any area of ​​South Kurdistan, let alone Kelar.

The Turkish state commissioned MIT to eliminate Kurds. In the North, MIT also relies on collaborators and uses them for attacks. The attitude of the Iraqi state is also evident. The government in Baghdad takes no position at all towards Turkey. The Turkish state occupies South Kurdistan, builds military bases and commits massacres, but the Iraqi government does not speak up. Its silence means nothing other than that Baghdad is an accomplice. It is silent on the massacres of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan and Iraq. That means it agrees. Of course, the Iraqi people and some parties are against the occupation by the Turkish state. But they need to put pressure on their government. If they exerted pressure, the government could not just remain silent. Iraq is at greatest risk.

Danger for Iraq and South Kurdistan is growing

In South Kurdistan the KDP is silent anyway and the government is also silent. The KDP and the Turkish state have also put pressure on the parties in South Kurdistan to silence them and force them to not speak about the invasion. Anyone who says: ‘I am fighting for the Kurdish people, for democracy and freedom’ must oppose this occupation. In this sense, pressure should be built on the KDP. This is a commitment to the Kurdish people and humanity. Yes, it is true that some people are protesting and making statements, but this needs to be strengthened. If it is claimed that the attacks were only directed against the PKK, it is self-deception. There is a reason why MIT targets the PKK. The Turkish state sees the PKK as the biggest obstacle to its goals. However, this should not mean that it will confine itself to the PKK. The danger for South Kurdistan and even Iraq is growing by the day. On this occasion, I appeal to the Iraqi parties, the Iraqi people and the political parties in South Kurdistan to stand up against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks. If there is no protest against the occupation today, they will attack even more tomorrow.

What does MIT murder and intimidation policy mean for South Kurdistan and what should people do about it?

Our movement is being attacked with the aim of annihilation, our people with the aim of genocide. In this sense, the Turkish state has assigned an important role to MIT. MIT implements the genocide policy. MIT is also a center for psychological special warfare. This is the focus of its activities. Murder operations in South Kurdistan, North Kurdistan, Rojava and Europe also take place on the basis of psychological warfare. The state has provided MIT with many resources to carry out this task, so MIT also has powerful technology at its disposal. MIT’s first collaborator is Barzani. This is common knowledge. If Barzani had not collaborated with MIT, the situation of the Kurdish people would be much better today. The Kurds could lead a strong life in the Middle East. The KDP and Barzani prevent that. They serve the Turkish state. Kurdish society is seeing its true colours day by day. Just as the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government were exposed, Barzani and the KDP were also unmasked.

“No Kurd should sell his dignity for money”

MIT has formed a team that is making phone calls and speaking to patriotic people in Bakur, Bashur, and Rojava. They address the relatives of the dead, those who fight, those who work, in other words, those who oppose the Turkish state. They offer them opportunities, money, and jobs, and tell them that they will also cancel penalties for possible crimes. They claim that they have no problem with the Kurds, only with the PKK, and state that if they crush the PKK, everything will be fine and the Kurdish question will be solved. They try to confuse people. They want to convey the message that they are friends of the Kurds and enemies of the PKK. In this way they want to alienate people from the PKK. They threaten with death those who do not serve them, and some have already been murdered. MIT also threatens to kill those who serve it if they don’t stand up to the PKK and the guerrillas. They address the families and threaten them: ‘Bring your relatives with you, otherwise we will kill you too.’ If they have a job, MIT will either get them fired or they will be arrested. People are under constant pressure. This is psychological warfare. It’s about confusing people, alienating them from the movement and using them against the Kurdish people.

“No talks with the secret services”

Anyone who describes themselves as Kurdish, patriotic, democratic, socialist, anti-fascist or humanist should not engage in conversations when MIT calls them. People should just hang up and warn those around them about MIT. MIT fools everyone. Our people should not be influenced by him and should not accept his demands. MIT may offer many material opportunities, but patriotic, dignified Kurds should not trade their humanity and honour for money. This MIT-led war is part of genocidal policy. In this way, the movement is to be eliminated and the genocide of the Kurds realized. All of us need to be aware of this fact, organize against MIT, and organize everyone around us. If everyone acts boldly and decisively against MIT, MIT cannot find collaborators, use spies, or carry out massacres.