Kongra Star urges UN to play its role against Turkish invasion

The umbrella organisation of women called upon the UN to perform the role that they refused to play since the beginning of the crisis in Syria and to not sacrifice the destiny of the peoples for commercial deals.

Kongra Star Coordination wrote an open letter to the non-governmental organisations accredited to the United Nations on the Turkish genocidal campaign that seeks to invade North and East Syria and focuses on displacing the local population through an ethnic cleansing and changing the demography of the region.

The umbrella organisation of women living in North-Eastern Syria and Rojava criticised the United Nations and called for immediate action to stop the Turkish offensive.

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I am writing this letter to you as the Mayor of Diyarbakır, who was elected on the local elections in March 31, 2019 with 62.9% of the votes; however dismissed on August 19, replaced with an appointed trustee; and finally arrested on October 22, 2019.

One of Turkey’s trustee appointed 95 HDP municipalities as of 2016; we got back Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality on 31 March 2019 local elections and started to build up the local democracy once again. However, only 4 months later the central government have appointed a trustee once again and unlawfully seized the local administrations of Diyarbakir, Mardin and Van provinces that it could not succeed to gain through elections. This coup, which was addressed to local democracy on 19 August 2019, has been directly against Kurds’ right to vote and to be elected, contrary to the perception of ‘terror’ that the AKP government tries to create in public opinion. The seizure of local people’ will was not a reasoned decision of law, but a clear statement that the Kurds cannot elect the people who will rule the cities in which they live. Continue reading “TO INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC OPINION: HDP STATEMENT”

NEWS IN BRIEF Update – Turkish invasion of Rojava/North East Syria – No 6 30 Oct-5 Nov 2019

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 We stand in solidarity with Rojava, an example to the world

1 Nov 2019 | LaDonna Brave Bull Allard et al., The Guardian

Leaders from social movements, communities and First Nations from around the world, including LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Eve Ensler and Stuart Basden on the Turkish invasion in north-east Syria


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The Turkish state resorts to using non-conventional weapons (white phosphorus)


International humanitarian law contains basic principles and rules governing the use of weapons, which includes restricting or prohibiting the use of certain weapons. The ICRC plays a leading role in defining and developing this.

International humanitarian law aims to put an end to the suffering caused by armed conflicts and to that end, international humanitarian law defines both the conduct of combatants and the methods of war, including weapons. Continue reading “The Turkish state resorts to using non-conventional weapons (white phosphorus)”

Turkish Aggression on Northern And Eastern Syria

A file shows the aggression of the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenary factions, and its bombing of the logic of northern and eastern Syria 1


After Turkey’s occupation of Syria’s lands such as Afrin, Jarablus, Azaz and Bab, and following the ugliest methods of ruin, killing, ravish and demographic change by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and after the continued Turkish occupation threats to the north and east of Syria to carry out a new operation and in 9/10/2019, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries carried out raids with airplans and artillery On the northern and eastern areas of Syria in Gre Spei (Tal Abyad), Sare Kani (Ras Al Ain), Qamishlo, Darbasiyah, Amuda, Derik and Trba Speye targeting civilians and all components of North and East Syria as Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Ashurin and all communities with shells and warplanes which caused many martyrs and wounded of children, women and men and a destruction of homes. Continue reading “Turkish Aggression on Northern And Eastern Syria”

Report on use of chemical weapons by the Turkish Armed Forces in Northern Syria

Abbas Mansouran 2019-10-28

Epidemiology- Shiraz (Pahlavy) University

Iran, Bacteriologist, 1976

MPH in Community Medicine, 1980

Actual Immunology, Stockholm University, Sweden 1990

Research principal in PEAS institute, Sweden since 2013

I came as a medical volunteer from Sweden to help treat those affected by war in Rojava. On October 13th 2019 I joined the medical staff in the main hospital of the Syrian city of Heseke to help the injured and be in close contact with patients. In my time there I have met many patients with severe burns which I would consider abnormal based on my experiences as founder and as the responsible of Hospital Acquired Infection control committee (HAI CC) at the university hospital of Shiraz, Southern Iran. My experiences go back to the first half of the Iran-Iraq war (1980s), including working in the burn’s unit. Continue reading “Report on use of chemical weapons by the Turkish Armed Forces in Northern Syria”

Heyva Sor report 30-09-19


Turkish military and Islamic groups invasion in Northeast Syria:

On October 9, 2019 the Turkish army with Islamic allies started an offensive targeting mainly the area between Sere Kaniye and Tell Abiad. SDF in turn started to defend it. After few hours a massive displacement of population started toward south areas of Hasake, Raqqa, Ein issa and Tel Tamir. Below the detailed report day by day with photos and the casualties recorded. Continue reading “Heyva Sor report 30-09-19”

Julie Ward MEP raises her voice for Kurdistan

Julie Ward MEP addresses the European Parliament

Millions of people from diverse ethnic and religious communities in this region are under threat. Tens of thousands have been displaced. Besides Kurdish and Arabic villages, Christian neighborhoods have been targeted. It’s obvious these attacks are carried out by Turkish military with the aim of ethnic cleansing and demographic change.


As a member of  Women Defend Rojava,an international campaign against fascism and patriarchy, I raise my voice here to call for:


  • An immediate end to Turkey‘s invasion and occupation in North and East Syria
  • The establishment of a No-Fly-Zone
  • An end to the weapons trade with Turkey
  • Political and economic sanctions against Turkey
  • The recognition of war crimes already committed by Turkey and the prevention of further war crimes and ethnic cleansing by Turkish forces, ISIS, El Nusra and other jihadist terror groups
  • The acknowledgement of the democratic Autonomous Administration of the people of North and East Syria
  • A political solution with representation and participation of women and people from all the different national, cultural and religious communities in Syria


We need an inclusive peace.

Maxine Peake condemns the Turkish invasion of Rojava and urges public support for the Kurdish people.

This is a women’s revolution. From the factories to the front lines, women are leading at every level of society. As Maxine says, the heart of this revolution is the spirit of internationalism and solidarity. 11,000 men and women of Rojava died in the fight against the fascism of the Islamic State. They gave their lives in the building of a better world. The world owes them a great debt and it’s time we repaid it!

Linked here are templates for motions and letters of support that can be edited as necessary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y…#WomenDefendRojava #RiseUp4Rojava


Peace in Kurdistan

Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question

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