The Afrin Resistance

Afrin pic

The Canton of Efrîn (Afrin) is laying to the south of the Fertile Crescent that has been
regarded the mother of civilisation. Located on the west of Rojava, it consists of 202.775 hectare of land rich in natural resources. Efrîn has seven districts, including Şêrawa, Cindirêsê, Mabeta, Reco, Bilbil, Şiyê û Şera. These are all populated by the Kurds. Inside Efrîn city, however, there is a small number of Arab population. In Mabeta district, there are Alwaite Kurds. Throughout Efrîn there are dozens of Yezidi populated villages with a total number of around 25.000 inhabitants. Continue reading “The Afrin Resistance”