The Canary is an independent media organisation based in the UK. It has been providing a platform to cover a range of Kurdish issues and to highlight the repressive actions of the Turkish state.

 The Canary was part of the UK delegation monitoring and reporting on the general election in Turkey in 2018 and the local elections in 2019.

 UK editor Emily Apple was part of the both delegations and also went to Amed in March in response to a call for an international women’s forum in support of Leyla Güven and the hunger strikers. 

Coverage of local elections:

 Despite a massive local election defeat, Turkey’s right-wing president is attempting a desperate power grab

It only took five days for the Turkish government to launch a criminal investigation into two new Kurdish mayors

Coverage of the hunger strikes:

 Football legend Neville Southall just gave a truly revolutionary movement access to his Twitter account

There are thousands of hunger strikers in prisons across Turkey. These are their ‘last messages’.

An 87-year-old British lawyer has joined the hunger strike to end the solitary confinement of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan

Turkey takes a prisoner’s body and buries it in the middle of the night

Three Kurdish people in London go on indefinite hunger strike, making the ‘ultimate sacrifice’

A Kurdish hunger striker in Wales says: ‘We are ready to die for our freedom because what we have now, this is not life.’

I just met hunger striker Leyla Güven in Turkey. She wants peace. And she deserves justice.

‘Our future depends on your solidarity.’ A message from prisoners’ families in Turkey to people in the UK.

Turkey calls itself a democracy. But it’s too dangerous for grieving mothers to meet on the streets.

The Canary also regularly covers the Kurdish struggle in relation to Turkey and Rojava:

Peace in Kurdistan

Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question

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