For the lives of our pioneers and precursors. Not one more feminicide.

All feminicide is political, it is a product of the relations of power and domination that the patriarchal system has established over the last 5,000 years. From then until now, the alliance of religion, state and military continues to subjugate the land, the people and the women.

All these murders are an expression of a dominant mentality that only accepts its right to property, and consequently, a meek and silent obedience of women. All these murders indicate how ruthless are the powers-that-be who aim to curb the power of the toiling majority, how despotic are the ruling class against toiling class women and the rest of the marginalized sectors. Tyranny and militarism, assault and invasion control the world, targeting those who dissent and defend their rights.

We witness a clear increase of political murders perpetrated by nation states, paramilitary forces and state-owned enterprises against female political and community leaders worldwide on behalf of transnational economic interests. If we look at the profile of the women that are murdered in assassinations, we see that they have a certain vanguard role in organizing and leading the struggle against exploitation. Activists, intellectuals, lawyers, journalists, artists, revolutionaries and politicians whodefend their homeland, collective territory and their living environment as representatives of women’s rights, human rights, indigenous people. They are targeted because of their leading role within their organizations and communities facing the greed of economic interests.

Enough! We can’t take it anymore!!! That is why we have decided to weave ourselves to life to take care of each other and stop feminicides; particularly those against women who understand this and fight against this, for our freedom as humanity.

So, as the women that we are: We want to unveil and denounce the root of these feminicides against our pioneers and precursors of the time of freedom. We want to collectively read the context to know why we are being killed. We want to expose the structures of power that promote and benefit from our criminalization, finger-pointing and death. We want to interchange experiences of our own justice that from the territories is overflowing the patriarchal, colonial, state, racist, capitalist (in)justice. We want to join autonomous tribunals that have already set historical examples for the struggle and defense of women defenders.

We, descendants of burned and liberated witches, granddaughters of colonized and enslaved women, daughters of civilized and citizenized women, are heirs of millenary wisdoms, we are caretakers of our territorialities and from different spheres we continue to fight for life in spite of the death that is imposed on us. We are those who summon ourselves to weave ourselves here and now, from a critical and self-critical perspective that allows us to organize ourselves and move together against feminicides, to recognize, confront and overcome the patriarchal pact.

We know about the systematic, the common patterns and the impunity that exists everywhere. We know about the countless organizations, initiatives and campaigns around the world that are investigating, exposing and denouncing feminicides now, and those that have done so throughout history. We know about the courts and their efforts to exercise justice against the state and transnational corporations. For this reason, our intention is not to create yet another structure or monopolize the struggle against feminicides, but to organize ourselves internationally as the women that we are, to weave ourselves together in defense of women defenders. To commit ourselves and do whatever it takes to put an end to feminicides of pioneers and precursors, that are destroying social struggles.

To begin this process, we will promote a campaign against feminicides by building on the sisterhood and solidarity between organizations, on the trust and affinity between women and on the ethical and political commitment that calls us all to make justice against the injustice suffered by us women in the world. For all of this and for all that cannot be mentioned of anger, pain and inspiration, we propose as an essential principle that this effort against the assassination of pioneer and precursor women belongs to all of us who commit ourselves to this. Let no one assume ownership of what belongs to all of us, and we assume each one of us: life, justice and the struggle for our freedom.

May 11, 2021


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