Seminar on

State Repression and the Struggle for Self-determination:

The cases of Turkey & Kurds; Pakistan & Baloch;
Spain & Basques; Sri Lanka & Tamils

Sunday 18 March 2012, 12.30-6pm
University of London Union (ULU), Malet St WC1, Room 3B
(Goodge Street tube station)

Activists will come together to share experiences about state repression against the various struggles for self-determination in which they are involved. Strategies that provide ideological justification for repression include the global ‘war on terror’, ‘national security’ and proscription.  Support comes from national contexts and international networks, especially involving the US, the UK, the EU and the UN Security Council.  Together these forces underpin the current global agenda suppressing and delegitimizing struggles for self- determination.  The seminar will address common strategies for resisting repression and for strengthening solidarity across nationalities in the common struggle for a more just world.

Structure:  For each of four national cases, speakers will first analyse repression strategies (criminal law, special ‘anti-terror’ laws, punishment without trial, etc.) and then survey resistance strategies, especially efforts towards international solidarity.
Briefings on the four national cases are available at <>

12.30 Registration
13.00 Welcome from the chair: Saleh Mamon, CAMPACC
13.10 Overview: Les Levidow, CAMPACC; plus discussion
13.30 Tamil case: speakers Jan Jananayagam & Sivakami Manoharan; plus discussion
14.15 Baloch case: speakers Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi & Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri; plus discussion
15.00 break
15.20 Kurdish case: speakers Ali Has and Mehmet Aksoy; plus discussion
16.05 Basque case: speaker Oier Imaz; plus discussion
16.50 General discussion on resistance strategies and international solidarity
18.00 Close

Snacks and drinks available

Organisers: CAMPACC in association with Kurdish Federation UK, Friends of the Basque Country (London), The Abertzale Left, Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO), Tamils Against Genocide (TAG),  International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, World Sindhi Congress, Balochistan National Movement (Baloch Raaji Zrombesh), International Committee Against Disappearances (ICAD), Liberation & Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

All Welcome.  For further information contact

Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), <> ,,  Tel. 020 7586 5892

Admission free – Donations welcome!